Should You Start Giving Money to Your Heirs Now or Leave a Bequest?

November 14, 2022
Giving away assets in one's lifetime might make sense tax-wise, but the issue is deeply emotional and personal for most people.

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Taxes are a big issue for any investor. For people likely to incur federal estate tax, does it make sense to give away assets to family members sooner rather than later? The answer to that question can be fraught with all kinds of psychological and emotional issues. But it's important to contemplate the details of different lifetime gifting strategies if you want to maximize what you leave for your heirs.

To understand more, Mark Riepe speaks with Susan Bober, a director in Schwab's Wealth Strategies Group in Indianapolis. Mark and Susan discuss why the idea of giving money to family members can cause so much fear and anxiety, the annual exclusion gifting strategy, and the importance of finding an advisor you trust.

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