Taxes and tax planning

Looking for help with taxes? 

We’ve pulled together our best information, tools, and resources to help you plan ahead, understand tax-smart strategies, and get ready to file.  

Tax basics

  • Tax basics

    Which income types are taxable—and which might not be? And what should you know about deductions and credits? We’ll help you with these key topics and more.

  • Investment income taxes

    As an investor, you don’t want surprises at tax time. We’ll help you plan ahead with information about capital gains, dividends, interest income, cost basis, and AMT.

  • Tax-smart strategies

    Learn about tax-smart strategies, including when to use tax-advantaged vs. taxable accounts, how to manage taxes on investments, and how to time your retirement withdrawals.

  • Tax-time resources

    Need information to plan or file your taxes? Here you’ll find links to Schwab tax forms, important tax changes for this year, and tips for making tax time a little smoother.     

Looking for your Schwab forms

  • Looking for your Schwab tax forms? See them all on your 1099 dashboard.

When will 2019 tax forms be available?

Your Schwab 1099 Composite and Year-End Summary tax report will be delivered online or mailed out on the dates below. 

  • Online forms via our website or mobile app

    First delivery:         By January 31, 2020

    Second delivery:    By February 14, 2020


  • Mailing dates for paper 1099s

    First mailing:        February 1-15, 2020

    Second mailing:   February 15 - 28, 2020

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