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We give you access to a wide variety of ETFs (exchange-traded funds)—from low-cost Schwab ETFsTM for the foundation of your portfolio, to a broad selection of other ETF options—providing an exceptional degree of choice, offered in a cost-effective way. 


  • Schwab ETFs™

    25+ ETFs managed by Charles Schwab Investment Management

        Build the foundation of your portfolio

        • $0 online commissions1
        • Low costs
        • Broad Exposure

          ETFs across a range of asset classes and fund companies

            Broaden your selection

            • 2,000+ $0 commission ETFs1
            • 110+ Morningstar categories
          • $0 Commission ETFs¹

            Available on the U.S. Exchanges

            Build the core of your portfolio with Schwab ETFs

            • Among the lowest operating expenses in the industry
            • $0 commissions when traded online in your Schwab account1
            • ETFs available across core asset classes provide diversification opportunities through exposure to multiple market segments—for the foundation of many investors' portfolios
            • Leadership from Charles Schwab Investment Management, one of the industry's largest and most experienced asset managers

            Schwab ETFs offer two different methodologies that can work well together. Consider using both approaches when building your portfolio:

            Schwab Market Cap ETFs

            See how our low costs compare.

            Schwab Market Cap ETFs

            Domestic Equity
            International Equity
            Fixed Income

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            Schwab Fundamental Index* ETFs

            Discover an innovative strategic beta solution

            • Portfolio diversification—a complement to traditional market cap index and actively managed strategies, helping to create the potential for more attractive risk-adjusted portfolios.
            • Cost efficiency—generally lower fees and low turnover when compared with actively managed funds.
            • Passive, disciplined methodology—a transparent, consistent rules-based approach.

            Learn more in an interview with the father of Fundamental Index® Investing Rob Arnott

            Schwab Market Cap Index ETFs

            Domestic Equity
            International Equity

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            All ETFs traded on U.S. exchange are $0 per trade online.1

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