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Fixed Income Managed Accounts


Schwab offers short-term, intermediate, and long-term fixed income managed accounts, as well as bond ladder managed accounts. All are competitively priced and managed by leading third-party investment managers, including PIMCO.

What do I get?

With Managed Account Select® Fixed Income Strategies at Schwab:

  • Choose from a wide range of investment strategies offered by third-party investment managers.
  • All third-party investment management firms are rigorously screened by Schwab.

With PIMCO Municipal Bond Ladder managed accounts through Schwab Managed Account Connection®:

  • Access to professionally managed strategies, available only at Schwab, that seek to generate income by leveraging opportunities in the municipal bond market.
  • These strategies can also help you manage the effect of interest rate fluctuations.

What are the fees and minimums?

  • Investment minimum: Typically $250,000
  • Annual fee: 0.25%—0.65%, depending on account size

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