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Whether you prefer to invest on your own or would like assistance, Schwab offers guidance to help you meet your goals. Choose one-on-one help, attend a local workshop, or access our search tools, research, and expert mutual fund and ETF picks to find the right fixed income investments and strategies for your portfolio.

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One-on-one help puts our dedicated team of over 100 Fixed Income Specialists, who draw on an average of over 21 years of experience in the financial services industry,1 to work for you. They take time to understand your needs, and since they’re not paid on commission, they offer unbiased guidance on your investment choices and strategies.

Fixed Income Specialists

Schwab Center for Financial Research:
Become more informed with insights and ideas.

Stay at the forefront of modern investing with insights and ideas from Schwab experts, including Kathy A. Jones, Senior Vice President and Chief Fixed Income Strategist, Schwab Center for Financial Research.

Review commentary on issues facing today’s investors, like:

  • Fed Raises Rates, Signals Additional Hikes in 2017
    by Collin Martin
    March 15, 2017

    The Federal Reserve just raised short term interest rates—again. Here’s what investors should know.

    Is Your State Muni Bond Fund Investing Elsewhere? Why It Matters
    by Cooper J Howard
    March 13, 2017

    While it’s common for fund managers to invest in out-of-state bonds, a large allocation to territories with declining credit conditions could be concerning. 

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Straightforward, easy-to-understand pricing.

At Schwab, you’ll know up front the transaction costs of buying bonds. And unlike many brokers, we itemize bond costs, so you know exactly what you’re paying—trade confirmations clearly identify markups and commissions.

Low online pricing.*

  • $1 per bond markup on most secondary market trades; no markups on secondary Treasuries
  • Low expense ratios and $0 commission trading2,3 on Schwab Bond ETFs in your Schwab account; $4.95 for third-party ETFs
  • Hundreds of no-load, no-transaction-fee bond mutual funds
Fixed Income Pricing

More investment choices to meet your needs.

Schwab offers an extensive selection of fixed income investments, including bonds, bond funds and ETFs, CDs, and preferred stock.

  • Individual bonds

    Get access to over 50,000 individual securities from more than 200 dealers, and hundreds of bond funds.3

  • Certificates of deposit

    Manage your cash and cash investments with Schwab CD OneSource®.

  • Bond funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

    Access over 800 no-load, no-transaction-fee bond funds through Mutual Fund OneSource® and over 30 bond ETFs that trade commission-free online in Schwab ETF OneSource™.

  • Preferred stocks and securities

    Generate regular quarterly income with new-issue and secondary market preferred stocks and securities.

  • Managed accounts

    Rely on experts to professionally oversee your individual securities based on your investment style and retirement strategy.

Why invest in fixed income investments?

Whether your goal is to diversify your investments, save for the future, receive dependable income, or minimize taxes, fixed income investments may have a place in your portfolio.


Adding investment-grade bonds to a stock portfolio can help lower the portfolio's volatility over time.

Capital preservation

Research shows that since 1976, negative annual returns have been uncommon in a broadly diversified bond portfolio.

Receive dependable income

Fixed income securities are typically designed to provide a regular stream of interest payments. See how bonds pay income.

Gain potential tax benefits

Many bonds have preferential tax treatment under which coupon payments are tax-free at either the federal or state level, or both. So it’s important to know how tax treatment varies by bond type.

More Reasons to Invest in Fixed Income

Easily find and manage your fixed income investments.

Identify the right fixed income investments for you using Schwab BondSource®, which lets you screen more than 50,000 bonds from more than 200 dealers.2 Schwab also simplifies managing your portfolio by providing you access to an extensive number of resources.

Schwab's fixed income resources

Avoid the 3 most common errors investors make.

Keep your bond strategy on course by understanding the most common errors investors make and how to best avoid them:

  • Chasing yield
  • Buying and forgetting
  • Failing to diversify

Learn more about the common errors to avoid

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