Wasmer Schroeder™ bond ladder strategies.

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A bond ladder is a portfolio of individual fixed income securities that mature on regular scheduled dates and provide current income while smoothing out the effect of fluctuations in interest rates.  By constructing a portfolio of bonds with staggered maturity dates, cash flows are regularly being reinvested in potentially higher yielding securities without taking on additional interest rate risk.

Wasmer Schroeder bond ladder strategies use a separately managed accounts portfolio structure to give you a more personalized and focused retirement income option. Our dedicated team will work with you to fully understand your objectives and create a laddered strategy that delivers the results you're after while seeking to minimize interest rate risk and tax implications. You and your investing goals determine which options are right for you.

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Wasmer Schroeder tax-exempt bond ladder strategies:

These are generally for investors who fall into a higher tax bracket and are looking to generate predictable income.

Tax-exempt bond ladder portfolios have customization options in some states.

Maturity dates:
Options from 1–15 years

Fixed income style:
Short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term municipal bonds

Account minimum:

State Specific portfolios with a target of 100%: CA, NY, TX; State Preference portfolios with a target of 10–60%: AZ, CO, CT, DE, GA, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, OH, OR, PA, SC, UT, VA.

Wasmer Schroeder taxable bond ladder strategies:

These are generally for investors who are in a lower tax bracket or have a tax-deferred account such as an IRA and are looking to generate predictable income.

Maturity dates:
Options from 1–10 years

Fixed income style:
Short-term and intermediate-term corporate bonds

Account minimum:

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Frequently asked questions about Wasmer Schroeder bond ladder strategies.

  • Fees for taxable bond ladder strategies start at 0.55%.
  • Fees for municipal bond ladder strategies start at 0.35%.

You may be able to take advantage of lower pricing if you have multiple accounts within your household enrolled in Wasmer Schroeder strategies, provided they are of the same asset class.*

No. Schwab believes in giving investors the freedom to choose from both Schwab products and, through Managed Account Select, products offered by a set of experienced third-party investment management firms. Managed Account Select includes additional choices of actively managed fixed income strategies. Learn more.

No. If you have an existing relationship with a Schwab Financial Consultant, you can continue to work with him or her to review, select, and monitor your managed account. Your Schwab Financial Consultant will communicate with your selected asset manager on your behalf.

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