We've Adjusted Margin Requirements on Certain Securities

We've Adjusted Margin Requirements on Certain Securities

Due to recent market activity, we've adjusted margin requirements on certain securities. Please note, neither Charles Schwab & Co. nor TD Ameritrade halted clients from buying any stocks, or selling any stocks they own, and neither firm restricted executing any basic options strategies. However, we've raised margin requirements on the following securities. We'll keep this list updated with the latest information.

  • AMC, GME*

The following requirements are in place for affected securities:

  • Stocks:
    • 100% margin requirement for long positions.
    • 300% margin requirement for short positions.
  • Long calls, long puts, and covered calls are permitted.
  • Selling short put options is permitted if you have available funds to cover the entire amount of the exercise.**
  • Selling naked calls is prohibited.

We continue our commitment to help investors better understand what's behind these moves and how to navigate the market impact.