Fixed Income

Read our views on trends in the fixed income market affecting bonds, CDs, and money markets.

How the Bond Market Works

The bond market can be useful for investors. Watch to learn how it works.

Finding Fixed Income Investments for Retirement

For retirees living on a fixed income, building an investment strategy that diversifies risks to ensure a stable income is essential in building your retirement plan.

How to Build a Bond Portfolio

From "how" to "why now," here are five key things investors should understand about bond investing.

What Does the Federal Reserve Do?

The Federal Reserve, or the Fed, is an important and influential part of the U.S. economy, and its role is explained further in this video.

Choosing Municipal Bonds: GO or Revenue?

You're interested in investing in municipal bonds, but which type—general obligation or revenue—is best for you? We break it down.

What Happens When the Fed Raises Rates

If inflation is rising, the Fed might raise interest rates. Learn how this might impact your investments.

Understanding the Yield Curve

Investors use the yield curve to balance risk and reward. We’ll show you how to read it and how to use it as an indicator for potential market movements.

What Are Bond Ladders?

Watch to learn how to use bond ladders to help lower interest rate risk and generate regular income.

How to Identify Reputable ESG Bonds

Not all ESG bonds are what they purport to be. Here's how to help identify the reputable ones.

Preferred Securities: Balancing Yield with Risk

Preferred securities' higher yields may be appealing, but they almost always come with additional risks. While preferreds can make sense for a more-aggressive part of your income portfolio, it's important to understand the tradeoffs.