Your frequently asked questions about volatility

Video FAQs

  • Watch video: What could the economic recovery look like?

    The paths of economic recoveries often resemble letters of the alphabet. Here’s a look at some common and some unusual shapes.

  • Changing risk tolerance

    Watch video: Can I change my risk tolerance and time horizon?

    If you want to change your risk tolerance and time horizon, it’s important that they’re adjusted for the right reasons.

  • Stock market vs. The news

    Watch video: Why does the market go up on bad news?

    Because the stock market tends to look to the future, it can often appear to tell a different story from what’s happening day to day.

  • Low interest rates

    Watch video: How long will interest rates stay low?

    Rates may be low for a long time as the Federal Reserve keeps its eye on two indicators: inflation and employment.

  • Finding decent yields

    Watch video: Finding decent yields

    Where can you put money to generate a decent yield without taking on too much risk?

  • Selling in a down market

    Watch video: Selling in a down market

    If you need to take money out of your portfolio soon, how can you make selling assets in a down market as painless as possible?

Text FAQs

How can I take advantage of market volatility as a trading opportunity?
I’m retiring earlier than I’d planned. How will early retirement affect my Social Security benefits?
What catalyst would cause the stock market to rally?
Where can I hold my cash when markets are volatile?
Can the US government buy stocks to boost the market?
I need to take money out of my portfolio to cover expenses soon. How can I make selling assets in this down market as painless as possible?
How does it help the economy when the Fed lowers interest rates?
Is there any safe place to put my money that will generate a decent yield?
I’m at retirement age. I don’t need the money in my portfolio right now, but I will soon. Given the current volatile market, how can I prepare my portfolio for future spending needs?

Concerned about how recent market volatility may affect your investments?