Schwab Market Perspective: Connecting the Pieces

Softening inflation supports the potential for a Federal Reserve interest rate cut in coming months, but there are complexities below the surface.

Muni Bonds and Extreme Weather

Some municipalities are more susceptible to weather-related risk than others. Here are three ways to help weather-proof your muni portfolio.

2024 Mid-Year Outlook: Municipal Bonds

Although the market is off to a rough start to the year, we think it should recover.

Treasury Bond Market Faces Policy Tug-of-War

Central bank monetary policy may soon ease, but government fiscal policies that increase the federal deficit could limit the decline in Treasury yields.

How Do Treasury Auctions Work?

U.S. Treasury auctions are of interest lately due to growing U.S. debt and high interest rates. What are Treasury auctions, how do they work, and what should investors know?

2024 Mid-Year Outlook: Corporate Bonds

Investment-grade corporate bonds remain attractive given their lower risk and relatively high yields. Long-term investors who can handle volatility might consider high-yield bonds and preferred securities, but we wouldn't suggest large positions in either.

Will a Maturity Wall Matter for Investors?

High-yield bond issuers face a wall of maturity debt over the next four years. Could it spell trouble for the high-yield bond market?

Can Agency Bonds Offer Extra Yield?

Federal agency bonds generally carry the same high credit rating as U.S. Treasuries, yet can sometimes offer slightly higher yields. Here's what to consider.

Mid-Year Outlook: Fixed Income

Looking into the second half of the year, we are optimistic that returns will be stronger, but also expect volatility to remain elevated.

Midyear Outlook: Corporate Bonds and Muni Bonds

Collin Martin and Cooper Howard take a look at the state of the corporate bond and muni bond markets halfway through the year.