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Know when your Schwab account-related 1099 Composite tax form will be available online. Log in to see your 1099 dashboard on your statements page at Schwab.com/1099dashboard.

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  • Allows you to view all your Form 1099 Composite documents in one place to help you stay organized for tax season.
  • Provides the expected availability dates of your tax form(s) for all 1099-Composite eligible accounts.
  • Is easily available via Schwab Mobile app as well.

tax rates and rules.

Some years, there are sweeping changes to the tax laws and rates. Other years, changes may be minimal. Either way, we'll help you stay on top of issues that may affect your investment decisions and the amount of taxes you pay.

More about current tax rates and rules

Tax resources and guides.

From finding the forms you need to learning how to calculate the cost basis of your investments, the information you need is right here.

  • Where are my tax forms?
    Where to find Forms 1099 and when to expect them.
  • End-of-year tax tips
    Take advantage of these smart strategies before year-end that may help minimize your taxes.
  • Tax-advantaged investments
    Diversification is about more than asset allocation. Learn about diversifying investments for tax purposes.
  • Cost basis
    See how the method you use to determine cost basis can affect your tax burden.
More tax resources and guides

Tax changes for .

Learn more about changes in the eligibility for deductions and exemptions, as well as adjustments to tax brackets.

2018 tax information

How the new tax law will affect your 2018 taxes

Additional resources.

See more strategies for tax-efficient investing.

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