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Frequency of trades can affect returns.

Commissions may come in several forms, most commonly as fees incurred as a result of trades placed to buy and sell the underlying investments in your portfolio. Over time, these fees can add up to a substantial amount, particularly if you place trades frequently yourself or through your investment professional.

What is the general range for these fees?

Commissions can range from less than $10 to more than $100 per trade, depending on the firm. The amount you pay can be even higher if a firm charges commission based on a percentage of the trade.1

Impact of commissions

Hypothetical illustration based on a $100,000 investment over a year with a 5% return.

After 50 trades, a $5,000 market gain has been lost to 1% trade commissions.

Starting portfolio value # of trades at $100 per trade Commission on trades Portfolio value after one year Difference after one year
$100,000 0 0 $105,000 $5,000
$100,000 25 $2,500 $102,375 $2,375
$100,000 50 $5,000 $99,750 –$250
$100,000 75 $7,500 $97,125 –$2,875
$100,000 100 $10,000 $94,500 –$5,500

What can I do about this?

Find out what you’re paying in commissions and the frequency of the trades by reviewing your trade confirms or statements or asking your investment professional.

Review Schwab commissions for all types of trades.

Get clear on fees.

How are fees impacting your returns?

Find out by asking these key questions.

Questions? We’re ready to help.