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Portfolio Evaluation

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At Schwab, portfolio evaluation goes beyond tracking how your investments are doing. It also helps you identify where adjustments might need to be made so you can stay on track to meet your investing goals. Here are two ways to help you evaluate your portfolio’s performance.

Video about Schwab’s Portfolio Performance Reporting tool

Compare your portfolio performance with a benchmark.

Use daily updated Portfolio Performance Reporting to:

  • View your portfolio's performance, risk-and-return analysis,
    and individual account and asset class performance.
  • Learn how your portfolio’s returns compare to market benchmarks over time.
  • Get the information you need to help keep your portfolio on track.

Quarterly Portfolio Profile chart asset allocation example

Check that the diversification and quality of your assets are on target.

Use your Schwab Quarterly Portfolio Profile™ to:

  • Compare your portfolio to your benchmark target asset allocation.
  • Check the ratings of your stocks and mutual funds.

Preview a Quarterly Portfolio Profile

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