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Get exclusive mortgage rate discounts as a Schwab client.

Equal Housing Lender Home Loans – Provided by Quicken Loans®

Save 0.250% on new eligible home loans with Investor Advantage Pricing.1

Mortgage First Preapproval

With Mortgage First3, you may receive closing cost discounts up to $750. This preapproval program could also give you an edge in getting the home you really want over other homebuyers who aren’t preapproved.

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Experience the benefits of working with Schwab Bank and Quicken Loans, the nation’s #1 online mortgage provider.4

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Why did Schwab Bank team with Quicken Loans? For award-winning service and industry-leading technology.

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Mortgage Rate Calculator

Begin to plan for your mortgage with the mortgage rate calculator. Based on your specific situation, you will see the rate you may qualify for. Your calculations will be tailored to the goals and data you provide.

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Loan Types

Rates below do not include Investor Advantage Pricing discounts on your home purchase or refinancing loans.

Rates as of 1:46 PM EST  11/16/2018

Jumbo Loans

Rates below do not include Investor Advantage Pricing discounts and are based on a $750,000 loan and 60% LTV. The interest rate discount for the 15-Year Fixed-Rate Jumbo Loan is reflected in the rates below.

Jumbo Loans
IAP-eligible loan Loan type Rate (%) APR (%) Points (%) Rate and payment details
Checked 5/1 ARM 4.05 4.916 0.0 Details
Checked 7/1 ARM 4.1 4.789 0.0 Details
Checked 10/1 ARM 4.475 4.84 0.0 Details
Checked 5/1 ARM
Interest-only payment option
4.3 5.038 0.0 Details
Checked 7/1 ARM
Interest-only payment option
4.35 4.941 0.0 Details
 Checked 15-Yr. Fixed 4.375 4.433 0.0  Details

Conforming Loans

Rates below do not include Investor Advantage Pricing discounts and are based on a $250,000 loan and 60% LTV.

Conforming Loans
IAP-eligible loan Loan type Rate (%) APR (%) Points (%) Rate and payment details
Checked 5/1 ARM 4.25 5.025 0.0 Details
Checked 7/1 ARM 4.3 4.919 0.0 Details
Checked 10/1 ARM 4.625 4.969 0.0 Details
Checked 5/1 ARM
Interest-only payment option
4.5 5.137 0.0 Details
Checked 7/1 ARM
Interest-only payment option
4.55 5.061 0.0 Details
  10-Yr. Fixed




  15-Yr. Fixed




  20-Yr. Fixed




  25-Yr. Fixed




  30-Yr. Fixed





Get answers to common questions from homebuyers like you.

Investor Advantage Pricing
  • Investor Advantage (IAP) Pricing offers exclusive mortgage rate discounts for Schwab clients on eligible home loans. The IAP program is offered on all Adjustable-Rate Mortgage products and the 15-Year Fixed-Rate Jumbo Loan. As a Schwab investor, you have unique financial goals. With Investor Advantage Pricing, you could save on your monthly payments, which gives you more freedom to invest.

  • Please click the following link to see the available discounts. For clients of independent investment advisors click here.

  • Non-retirement accounts along with the following IRA accounts - Traditional, Roth, Rollover, and Inherited IRAs. IRA account balance eligibility is not available for clients of independent investment advisors. Details for the discount program available for these clients can be found by visiting

Mortgage First
  • Mortgage First is a preapproval program that allows you to get preapproved on your home loan before you start shopping for your new home.

  • By providing documentation upfront and getting preapproved, you will have confidence while shopping for your house knowing that you’ve already been preapproved for financing. Additionally, being preapproved upfront can give you a competitive advantage in the market.

  • You will complete the credit application and provide your income, asset, and credit documentation for review in order to get preapproved.

For further details, please download the Mortgage First FAQs sheet.

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Looking to buy a home?

Receive Investor Advantage Pricing discounted interest rates from Quicken Loans on your home loan.1

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Interested in refinancing?

You may lower your monthly payments, or pay off your loan sooner, by refinancing your mortgage with Quicken Loans, home loan provider of Schwab Bank.

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Need a home equity line of credit?

Obtain a competitive-rate home equity line of credit (HELOC)6 with Schwab Bank’s home equity lending program provided by Quicken Loans.

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Ready to start the mortgage process?

In order to participate, the borrower must agree that the lender, Quicken Loans, may share their information with Charles Schwab Bank.

This offer is subject to change or withdrawal at any time and without notice.

Nothing herein is or should be interpreted as an obligation to lend. Loans are subject to credit and property approval. Other conditions and restrictions may apply. Hazard insurance may be required. Program terms and conditions are subject to change.

1. For Schwab Bank Investor Advantage Pricing: Only one discount eligible per loan. Discounts available for all Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) loan sizes, and selected Jumbo Fixed-Rate loans. Discount for ARMs applies to initial fixed-rate period only with the exception of the 1-month ARM where the discount is applied to the margin. Qualifying balance based on Schwab and Schwab Bank combined account balances, including the following retirement account types: Traditional, Roth, Rollover, and Inherited IRAs. Clients that utilize an eligible IRA account balance to qualify for certain discounts may qualify for one special IRA benefits package per loan. This includes: a $200 bonus award into your Schwab IRA account with the largest balance, and an in-depth personal financial plan analysis to include a detailed review of your IRA(s) by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER PROFESSIONAL. This information does not constitute and is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax, legal, or investment planning advice. Qualifying balance must be verified 15 days prior to your anticipated closing for an on-time close. If you deposit your qualifying assets with less than 15 days remaining before closing, your closing date may be delayed and your eligibility to receive the promotional rate may be affected.

2. The rates and APR shown are based on a purchase loan of an owner occupied, single family residence, for our best-qualified customers. Your individual rate may vary.

Interest Rates, APRs, and Monthly Payment calculations are based on the following loan amounts and Loan-to-Value (LTV):
Conforming: $250,000, 60% LTV
Jumbo: $750,000, 60% LTV
Rates may be higher or lower for different loan amounts, loan products, property type, credit score, occupancy, Loan-to-Value, and loan purposes.

Current Rates: Due to market fluctuations, interest rates are subject to change at any time and without notice and are subject to credit and property approval based on underwriting guidelines. The rate and APR shown is based on a purchase loan of an owner occupied, single family residence. Your individual rate may vary.

3. Quicken Loans Mortgage First documentation that is reviewed in evaluating mortgage loan applications is valid for 90 days from the date of receipt. It may be necessary to update such documentation during the loan process and this approval is subject to the results of such updates. This approval shall be void if, in the opinion of Quicken Loans Inc., there is or has been a material change in your financial situation, employment status, credit status, property or any other information reviewed by us in connection with the mortgage loan application, including but not limited to an increase in the qualifying monthly payment. This approval is subject to lender approval of the property. A satisfactory title report and an appraisal supporting the minimum loan to value ratio for the type of mortgage product selected will be required. Hazard and flood insurance may be required. You may contact Quicken Loans, Inc. to discuss any of these conditions.

The borrower will receive a $500 promotional closing cost credit on Conforming, High Balance Mortgages or a $750 promotional closing cost credit on Jumbo Mortgages upon closing a Mortgage First purchase loan. Closing cost credits are limited to one per loan, depending on loan type. This promotional closing cost credit offer is only available to Mortgage First preapproval program participants who close on a Mortgage First purchase loan offered by Schwab Bank’s home lending provider Quicken Loans. The application date must be between April 4th, 2018 and December 31st, 2018 in order to qualify to qualify to receive a closing-cost credit. The application date will be printed on the Loan Estimate. This offer is not valid on home equity lines of credit. The closing-cost credit will appear on the borrower's final Closing Disclosure and is nonrefundable in cash to the borrower.

4. Quicken Loans is the #1 online lender based on the ranking of Quicken Loans in comparison to online residential mortgage lenders included in the Inside Mortgage Finance “Top 50 Mortgage Lenders” report from Q2 2017.

5. This testimonial excerpt is illustrative in nature and may not be representative of the experiences of clients or services. It does not indicate future performance. The individual submitting this testimonial was not paid nor rewarded in any way. For more information regarding this testimonial please (provide contact method).

6. Home equity lines have a 10-year draw period followed by a 20-year repayment period. During the draw period, you will be required to make monthly payments of accrued interest. Payments will increase if rates increase. At the end of the draw period, your required monthly payments will increase because you will be paying both principal and interest. You may not use this home equity line as a bridge loan, for commercial purposes, to invest in securities, or to repay a margin loan.

HELOC Terms: As of the annual percentage rate (APR) for a primary residence HELOC opened simultaneously with your first mortgage loan – also known as piggyback loan - is . Rates vary for second homes, vacation homes, or HELOCs opened as standalone accounts. The APR on your home equity line of credit is variable based upon the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate plus a margin. The maximum APR that can apply is 18% or the maximum amount permitted by state law, whichever is less. The minimum credit line amount is $50,000 or the minimum amount permitted by state law, whichever is less. The maximum credit line is $1,000,000. Additional terms and conditions apply.

HELOC Fees: The estimated fees you may pay on the amount drawn from your line ranges from $0 - $29 for every $1,000, and will vary based on the location of the property. The amounts provided are estimates and are not a substitute for initial disclosures of closing costs that you will receive once you apply for a loan with Quicken Loans. Proof of proper and adequate insurance may be required prior to closing. You are responsible for paying any state, county, or local taxes imposed on a home mortgage transaction.

Home lending is offered and provided by Quicken Loans, Inc., Equal Housing Lender. Quicken Loans, Inc. is not affiliated with The Charles Schwab Corporation, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., or Charles Schwab Bank. Quicken Loans is licensed in all 50 states. Quicken Loans, Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System #3030. Restrictions may apply. Equal Housing Lender. Lending services provided by Quicken Loans, Inc., a subsidiary of Rock Holdings, Inc.

Charles Schwab Bank and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., are separate but affiliated companies and subsidiaries of The Charles Schwab Corporation. Investment products are offered by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Member SIPC). Deposit and lending products are offered by Charles Schwab Bank, Member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.