Portfolio Evaluation

At Schwab, portfolio evaluation goes beyond tracking how your investments are doing. It also helps you identify where adjustments might need to be made so you can stay on track to meet your investing goals. Here are two ways to help you evaluate your portfolio’s performance.

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Portfolio Performance Reporting

Portfolio Performance Reporting

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Are your investments underperforming or are you taking on too much risk without realizing it?

At Schwab we believe you should have a clear view into your investments and understand how to manage risk for the long term. 

Many people only compare their returns against the S&P 500 Index, but in many cases that might not be the appropriate comparison.

You need to consider the risks you're taking and the types of investments in your portfolio to select the appropriate benchmark because not understanding how you're really doing and remaining idle can be costly.

Hypothetically assume your portfolio is generating a 6% return annually and tracking the S&P 500, however the relevant benchmark return for the mix of investments you own may be 8%, a 2% difference applied to a $50,000 initial investment could mean up to $216,000 less return for you over a 30 year time period. 

So how can you be confident you really know how your portfolio is performing? 

At Schwab, we've developed a tool that can help you answer this question by letting you select the appropriate benchmark based on your risk and return targets. Compare portfolio performance against your benchmark over different time periods. See if you're getting the appropriate return for the risk you're taking. 

Schwab's Portfolio Performance Reporting provides you with the confidence to know how your portfolio is working at any time. Available to all Schwab clients, put it to work for you today.



Compare your portfolio performance with a benchmark.

Use your Schwab Portfolio Checkup™ to:

  • View your portfolio's performance, risk-and-return analysis, and individual account and asset class performance.
  • Learn how your portfolio’s returns compare to market benchmarks over time.
  • Get the information you need to help keep your portfolio on track.

Preview Portfolio Performance Reporting

Check to make sure your portfolio is still diversified and aligned to your goals and risk tolerance.

Use your Schwab Portfolio Checkup™ to:

  • Check your sector and fixed income diversification and equity concentration.
  • Check the ratings of your stocks and mutual funds.
  • Create a PDF report on-demand, when it is convenient for you.

Historical sample reports are provided for illustrative purposes only. The securities and the investment products shown in the sample reports are not intended to represent a specific recommendation, nor should they be viewed as investment advice. Before investing in any product, you should consider consulting your financial and tax advisors to help structure a plan best suited to your individual situation.

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