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Closing Market Update

Weaker-than-expected retail sales boosted rate cut hopes, while the semiconductor rally made Nvidia the world's most valuable company.

Opening Market Update

Stocks were choppy and yields initially traded in the red on the data. Volume may be light Tuesday ahead of the Juneteenth holiday, which can lead to volatility.

Income-Generating ETFs: Covered-Call vs. Dividend?

Exchange-traded funds that combine equity market exposure with a side of options may seem appetizing, but there are risks worth considering before adding one to your plate. For many investors, straightforward dividend ETFs may be a better choice.

Getting a Slice: How IPO Shares Are Priced and Allotted

Most IPO shares typically go to institutional investors. Brokerages divvy up the rest to retail investors. Initial trading days can offer strong performance but can be volatile, and some IPOs tank.

How Much Cash Is Too Much Cash?

Today's relatively high yields from savings accounts and other cash investments are tempting, but don't overdo it.

Is Thematic Investing Right for You?

From artificial intelligence to green energy to the space economy, thematic investing makes it easier to invest in ideas and trends.

New Rules for Fund Names Take Aim at Greenwashing

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently expanded rules that require funds to invest the majority of their assets in investments that reflect the fund's name. Here's what to know.

4 Ways to Approach Falling Interest Rates

Schwab experts on how investors can respond once interest rates begin to fall.

Why Smart Investors Know Time Is of the Essence

When putting an investing strategy in place, it can be better to start sooner rather than later. But investors should consider a few critical principles and questions.

Mid-Year Outlook: Fixed Income

Looking into the second half of the year, we are optimistic that returns will be stronger, but also expect volatility to remain elevated.