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Are Bank Loans Right for You?

In an environment of rising interest rates, bank loans may appear attractive on the surface, but it's important that investors consider three important factors.

6 Reasons Munis May Be a Haven in a Recession

Municipal bonds have characteristics that historically have helped buffer negative performance during recessions. From relatively high and stable ratings to low historical default rates, here are some reasons why recession-wary investors may want to consider municipal bonds.

When Interest Rates Rise, What Should You Do with Bonds?

Bonds can play an important role in your portfolio, but how do rising interest rates affect fixed income?

MBS: Yields are Up, but Fed Policy Poses a Risk

Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) yields may have room to rise as the Federal Reserve continues its "quantitative tightening" process. However, MBS have unique characteristics that investors should understand before considering them as an investment.

5 Common Mistakes Muni Investors Make and How to Correct Them

Despite their best efforts, muni investors often unknowingly make mistakes with their portfolios which can lead to poor financial outcomes. The good news is that most mistakes can be corrected.

Fed Rate Hikes: Why Are Bond Yields Falling?

The Federal Reserve's pledge to curb inflation appears to have resonated with the market. If the central bank raises rates as much as recent projections indicate, the risk of recession rises. Consequently, bond yields have been pulling back from recent highs and the yield curve has flattened.

Fed Gets Aggressive: What's It Mean for Investors?

Sticky inflation leads Fed to give rates a bigger bump. Could change be on the horizon for the economy and the markets?

A Guide to Navigating the Bond Market

This guide breaks down common bond types, explains how they may respond to changing interest rates, and provides tips for selecting the ones most compatible with your portfolio.

How to Identify Reputable ESG Bonds

Not all ESG bonds are what they purport to be. Here's how to help identify the reputable ones.

Think Twice Before Buying a Muni Below Par

Municipal bonds acquired at too deep a discount could be subject to an additional tax, known as the de minimis tax, which would take a bite out of the after-tax return.