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Schwab Experts

Schwab's experts are published throughout Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. on, in the Schwab Investing Insights® newsletters, in On Investing magazine, in respected business and academic journals and regularly cited by the media on investing issues. With timely analysis focused on what matters for investors, Schwab's insightful perspective and practical advice help clients make better investment decisions.

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Photo: Michael Iachini

Robert G. Aruldoss

Senior Research Analyst, Financial Planning, Schwab Center for Financial Research

Robert Aruldoss focuses on financial planning and retirement income issues. As a CFP® professional, Robert has extensive training and over 19 years of professional experience working with investors on a broad range of investment and financial planning issues. See full biography.
Photo: Nitin Barve

Nitin Barve

CFA, Director, Portfolio Analysis, Advice Tools & Policy

Nitin Barve leads the portfolio analysis, advice tools and policies team at the Schwab Center for Financial Research. His areas of expertise include asset classification and benchmarks, portfolio analytics, Global Investment Performance Standards® (GIPS) compliance, risk management and advice policies and tools. He is a member of Schwab's Asset Allocation Council. See full biography.

Photo: Brian L. Burda

Brian L. Burda

CFA, Vice President, Senior Equity Researcher, Schwab Center for Financial Research

Brian Burda conducts ongoing research and provides idea generation to enhance the existing systematic products to reflect the growth in research knowledge. His mandate is to build quantitative research capabilities and to improve research department efficiency. Burda is also charged with providing product development leadership and packaging of disciplined research insights. See full biography.

Photo: Anthony B. Davidow

Anthony B. Davidow

CIMA®, Vice President, Alternative Beta and Asset Allocation Strategist

Anthony Davidow is responsible for providing Schwab's point of view on asset allocation and portfolio construction. He is also responsible for providing research and analysis on alternative beta strategies and how investors can incorporate them in their portfolios. Davidow is also a member of the firm's Asset Allocation Council. See full biography.

Photo: Alan Farley

Emily Doak

Senior ETF Analyst

Emily Doak is a senior research analyst in CSIA covering exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Her primary duties include research and analysis of ETFs for the ETF Select List, the ETF Recommendable List and Schwab Intelligent Portfolios. Prior to joining Schwab in 2011, she worked for a private equity fund. She holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Wyoming. See full biography.

Photo: Randy Frederick

Randy Frederick

Vice President of Trading and Derivatives, Charles Schwab & Co. Inc.

Randy Frederick is one of the early architects of Schwab's option trading platforms and analytics tools. While he focuses primarily on public relations, client education and market analysis, he is frequently involved on matters of business development, product development and risk management. He has served on various corporate and industry committees including the FISD Executive Committee, the ISE Allocation Committee and the ISE Board of Directors. See full biography.

Photo: Michelle Gibley

Michelle Gibley

CFA® , Director of International Research, Schwab Center for Financial Research

Michelle Gibley conducts international stock market research and analysis, and provides commentary on international topics for Schwab clients. Michelle has more than 20 years of experience in the investment industry, including pension fund investment consulting and equity analysis. See full biography.

Photo: Steven P. Greiner, Ph.D.

Steven P. Greiner, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Schwab Equity Ratings, Schwab Center for Financial Research

Steven Greiner leads the Schwab Equity Ratings team within Schwab Center for Financial Research. His responsibilities include managing the team’s activities in regard to model upgrades, maintenance, production, operations and new product development. See full biography.

Photo: Cooper J. Howard

Cooper J. Howard

CFA, Senior Research Analyst, Fixed Income and Income Planning

Cooper Howard is responsible for providing analysis and investor education on fixed income and income-planning topics, including research and perspective on the municipal bond market and income investing. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) charterholder. See full biography.

Photo: Michael Iachini

Michael Iachini

CFA, CFP®, Vice President, Head of Manager Research, Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc.

Michael Iachini leads the research effort on mutual fund and exchange-traded fund (ETF) lists for Charles Schwab Investment Advisory. His work can be found in articles for Schwab investors and in the Schwab ETF Select List and Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource Select List. Michael also contributes to Schwab's research on separately managed accounts, with a background in quantitative analysis. See full biography.

Photo: Kathy A. Jones

Kathy A. Jones

Senior Vice President, Chief Fixed Income Strategist, Schwab Center for Financial Research

Kathy Jones is responsible for interest rate and currency analysis, as well as Fixed Income education for investors at Schwab. Jones has covered global bond, foreign currency and commodity markets extensively throughout her career as an investment analyst and strategist, working with both institutional and retail clients. See full biography.

Photo: David Kastner

David Kastner

CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager, Schwab Managed Portfolios – ETF, Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc.

David is CSIA’s Market Strategist and chairs the Investment Committee for Schwab Managed Portfolios™ – ETFs. Previously at Schwab, he was the Director of the Schwab Center for Financial Research Market Analysis Group, which provides regular commentary and perspective on the economy and markets. Before joining Schwab in 1997, David was in banking and futures trading after earning a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Kansas. See full biography

Photo: Jason Trennert

Jeffrey Kleintop

Senior Vice President, Chief Global Investment Strategist , Charles Schwab & Co. Inc.

Jeffrey Kleintop analyzes and discusses international markets, trends and events to help U.S. investors understand their significance and financial implications. In this role, Kleintop provides research, commentary and actionable insights to Schwab’s client-facing teams and the firm's Investor Services and Advisor Services clients through written reports, video content, conference calls, webcasts and in-person events. See full biography.

David A. Koenig

David A. Koenig

CFA, FRM, Vice President, Chief Investment Strategist, Schwab Wealth Investment Advisory

David Koenig is chief investment strategist with Schwab Wealth Investment Advisory, the sponsor of Schwab Intelligent Portfolios™ . His responsibilities include helping oversee Schwab Intelligent Portfolios and providing research and analysis about automated investment advisory services and how they can help investors with their financial goals. Throughout his career, he has worked extensively with both institutional and retail clients. See full biography.

Photo: Kim Laughton

Kim Laughton

President, Schwab Charitable

Kim is president of Schwab Charitable, a non-profit, donor-advised fund provider established with the support of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. to make charitable giving simpler and more tax-efficient for clients. She is responsible for the general management of Schwab Charitable and the fulfillment of its charitable mission, setting strategy and priorities and ensuring all contractual obligations and goals are met. See full biography.
Photo: Collin Martin

Collin Martin

CFA, Director, Fixed Income, Schwab Center for Financial Research

Collin Martin is responsible for providing analysis and investor education in fixed income, with a focus on the credit markets. Prior to joining Schwab in 2012, Collin was a fixed income strategist with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, where he published fixed income model portfolios for individual investors. He also contributed to monthly fixed income strategy publications, focusing on international debt markets. See full biography.

Photo: Lou Mercer

Lou Mercer

CMT, Trading Solutions Regional Manager

As a Trading Solutions Regional Manager, my expertise is in trading mechanics, trading strategies, and fundamental and technical analysis. I’m also skilled in providing insights about the equities and options markets, as well as highlighting the resources available to self-directed investors at Schwab. It’s an empowering approach to trading solutions—so you can take ownership of your financial life.  See full biography.

Photo: Daniel O'Neal

Daniel O'Neil

Vice President, Futures, optionsXpress®

Daniel O’Neil oversees the futures trading business at optionsXpress, part of The Charles Schwab Corporation, and is involved in a wide variety of operational matters, trading platform design, risk management, education, and business strategy and development. Prior to optionsXpress, he was a founder of Xpresstrade, one of the first firms to bring online futures trading to individual traders. See full biography.

Photo: Veerapan Perianan

Veerapan Perianan

CAIA, Senior Manager, Quantitative Investment Management Research, Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc.

Veerapan (Veeru) Perianan is a Senior Quantitative Analyst for Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc. His primary focus is on long term capital market expectations and asset allocation research. See full biography.

Photo: James Peterson

Jim Peterson, Ph.D.

Chief Investment Officer, Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc.

Jim Peterson is the Chief Investment Officer of CSIA and a member of the portfolio management teams for Schwab Managed Portfolios™ . See full biography.

Photo: Mark W. Riepe

Mark W. Riepe

CFA, Senior Vice President, Schwab Center for Financial Research

Mark Reipe, in addition to heading the Schwab Center for Financial Research, is a regular columnist for the Journal of Financial Planning and author of numerous studies that have appeared in publications such as the Financial Analysts Journal and The Journal of Portfolio Management. His opinions have been quoted in many leading newspapers and industry publications. See full biography.

Photo: Carrie Schwab Pomerantz

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz

Board Chair and President, Charles Schwab Foundation; Senior Vice President, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.; Board Chair, Schwab Charitable

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, CFP®, is a leading advocate for financial literacy and one of America’s most trusted sources for financial advice. She has devoted her career to helping men and women from all walks of life achieve financial security. In addition, she oversees Schwab’s corporate philanthropy and employee volunteer programs, which aim to strengthen the communities where Schwab operates.
See full biography.

Photo: Liz Ann Sonders

Liz Ann Sonders

Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Strategist, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. 

Liz Ann Sonders has a range of investment strategy responsibilities reaching from market and economic analysis to investor education, all focused on the individual investor. She analyzes and interprets the economy and markets on behalf of Schwab's clients. Liz Ann is also a Senior Vice President and member of the Investment Committee at Windhaven Investment Management, Inc., which oversees Windhaven's research initiatives and investment decisions. See full biography.

Photo: Brad Sorensen

Brad Sorensen

CFA, Managing Director of Market and Sector Analysis, Schwab Center for Financial Research

Brad Sorensen heads market and sector analysis for the Schwab Center for Financial Research and writes for several Schwab publications. He is a member of Schwab's Investment Strategy Council. See full biography.

Photo: Rande Spiegelman

Rande Spiegelman

CPA, CFP®, Vice President of Financial Planning, Schwab Center for Financial Research

Rande Spiegelman specializes in personal financial planning, including income tax, estate tax, retirement, cash flow, net worth, compensatory stock options, employee plans, investments and portfolio planning. See full biography.

Photo: Michael Townsend

Michael T. Townsend

Vice President, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Michael Townsend handles a number of legislative issues for Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., and is responsible for development and implementation of the firm's public policy communications strategy and third-party ally development. See full biography.

Photo: Rob Williams

Rob Williams

Managing Director of Income Planning, Schwab Center for Financial Research

Rob Williams focuses on fixed income and income-planning issues, including key topics of interest to individual investors seeking to increase income from their portfolios. Williams also provides analysis of bonds, fixed-income strategies, and other income-oriented issues. See full biography.

Photo: John Zbesko

John Zbesko

CFA, Senior Equity Researcher, Schwab Equity Ratings®, Schwab Center for Financial Research

John Zbesko is a member of a team of equity analysts who conduct ongoing research to enhance Schwab Equity Ratings, the unique analysis tool used by Schwab clients and several Schwab mutual funds to help identify timely stocks to buy or sell. Zbesko's responsibilities include testing and integrating academic and practitioner research, tracking performance of the ratings and their components and researching the use of the ratings in portfolio management. See full biography.

Photo: Tian Zeng

Tian Zeng

Ph.D., CFA, Director, Senior Equity Researcher, Schwab Equity Ratings® , Schwab Center for Financial Research

Tian Zeng is responsible for developing new quantitative research capabilities and enhancing existing research products and methodologies. In this role, he also creates new investment products and strategies for company-wide use. See full biography.