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Access Our Best Trading Platform Over the Web


Cloud technology provides a way for traders to experience our premier software-based trading platform over the web.

StreetSmart Edge, our flagship trading platform, can now be accessed and used entirely over the web.

Software performance, web convenience

StreetSmart Edge is Schwab’s most advanced and intuitive desktop trading software. The cloud version provides web access to the exact same experience.

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A new level of control for web traders

Experience web trading with all the advantages of our very best trading software. Create and edit multiple layouts. Customize tools and move them around. Expand the platform to multiple monitors. All with streaming, real-time data.

Works on a Mac and a PC

Don’t limit your trading experience due to hardware compatibility issues. StreetSmart Edge in the cloud is accessed and used entirely over the web using a Mac or PC computer.

Access your trading anywhere

Schwab uses innovative cloud-based technology to run StreetSmart Edge from Schwab’s servers, instead of on your computer. Access through means that you can get to your trading from home, work, or wherever.

Pick up where you left off

Your StreetSmart Edge in the cloud layout and tool preferences are saved automatically. So no matter how many computers you use, your custom settings are always exactly as you left them.

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Investors should consider carefully information contained in the prospectus, including investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. You can request a prospectusby visiting or calling Schwab at 800-435-4000. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.