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The Risk vs Reward of Margin Trading

Borrow and Buy: The Case for Margin Trading

Margin Trading: The Ins and Outs

Stock and ETF Quotes in StreetSmart Edge®

StreetSmart Edge® makes it easy to stay organized and ready to respond to the latest developments with real-time quotes integrated directly into the All In One trade tool.

Stock and ETF Orders in StreetSmart Edge®

Placing trades for stocks or Exchange-Traded Funds is fast and easy with the intuitively designed All In One trade tool built with traders in mind.

Order Status and Transactions in StreetSmart Edge®

StreetSmart Edge® maximizes your ability to stay on top of your orders and executions through the Order Status tab. For more details, use the Transactions tab to see all the latest activity.

Drawing Chart Lines in StreetSmart Edge®

StreetSmart Edge helps you get the most out of your chart analysis with easy to create chart drawings and trend lines.

All in One in StreetSmart Edge®

StreetSmart Edge® offers a powerful suite of sophisticated and intuitive tools to help option traders browse, analyze and build option trades efficiently.

Screener Plus in StreetSmart Edge®

Creating Charts in StreetSmart Edge®