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At Schwab, it's our goal to give clients a truly best-in-class trading experience. Through our ongoing commitment to innovation and by listening to the needs of our clients, we are regularly enhancing the features and functionality of our trading platforms. Explore some of the latest examples below.

Best in class platforms and tools 2024,

Meet the cutting-edge technology of thinkorswim® trading
platforms, now available at Schwab.

You now have access to the full suite of thinkorswim trading platforms. Get powerful features and real-time insights that let you dive deeper into the market and your trading strategies. Not just one platform but three, thinkorswim meets you where you are—to fit with your trading style, skill level, or preferred way to trade.

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Enhancements to and Schwab Mobile include more streaming data and more customization.

Streaming quotes

Streaming quotes

Get help making real-time decisions with real-time data. Streaming quotes are now featured on the following pages:

  • - Positions, Order status, Watchlists, Trade tickets, and Options chain
  • Schwab Mobile - Positions, Order status, Watchlists, Trade tickets, Research, and Options chain
Screenshot of streaming quotes feature on

Trade ticket

Trade ticket

To help streamline your trading, the All-in-One Trade Ticket on and Schwab Mobile now includes the following:

  • New default trade settings, including quantity, order type, limit price functions, and more.
  • Integration of the options chain within the options trade ticket.
  • The ability to click or tap to incrementally adjust quantity or price.
  • The ability to stream the limit price to create marketable limit orders on your and Schwab Mobile trade tickets. To activate the streaming limit price, click or tap the lock icon when building your trade. 
Screenshot of the All-in-One Trade Ticket on



SnapTicket now includes the ability to:

  • Enter multi-leg options strategies, making it easier to place complex options trades. 
  • Stream the limit price to create marketable limit orders. To activate the streaming limit price, click or tap the lock icon when building your trade.
Screenshot of the SnapTicket tool on


Watchlists—Customize your default watchlists view to prioritize the information you want to see immediately.

Schwab Mobile—Make decisions quickly with the following enhancements:

  • Create a custom set of criteria you want to view and sort.
  • Set Watchlists as the first screen you see after logging in.


Screenshot of the watchlist feature on

Order status

Order status

With a simple click or tap, you can filter your trades by activity date on the and Schwab Mobile order status pages. And on Schwab Mobile, you can now filter orders by symbol as well.

Screenshot of the order status feature on



Plot bands and labels on intraday stock charts are now available to help you visually distinguish pre- and post-market designations for regular market quotes.

Screenshot of the chart feature on

Options chain

Options chain

Analyze potential options trades based on the data most important to you by choosing which columns to view in the options chain—including Greek calculations—on and Schwab Mobile.

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Previous enhancements

  • Streaming market data on trade tickets and watchlists via web and mobile, keeping clients informed of the latest market moves in real-time.
  • A new All-in-One Trade Ticket, which includes several new features including the ability to enter up to eight stock or ETF orders at once, a quick view of recently searched symbols, and the addition of extended hours to order timing choices.
  • SnapTicket®, an order ticket that allows clients to enter orders directly from the pages they visit most frequently as part of their trading workflow. Clients can access SnapTicket with a single click on the right side of several commonly visited pages, including Order status, Positions, Balances, Transaction history, Research, and the Account summary page.
  • New conditional order choices to help automate risk management and profit-taking strategies with the ability to set conditions for entering and exiting trades.
  • New and enhanced "Good 'til Canceled" (GTC) order types, including new GTC + extended hours that includes both regular and extended hours trading sessions. Additionally, for all GTC order types, clients can select a specific time-in-force date from one to 180 calendar days.
  • Select clients can see a Day Trade Counter that displays the number of day trades executed in the last five trading days and offers information about restrictions and the implications of being identified as a Pattern Day Trader.
  • Completely redesigned Watchlists featuring a simplified interface that makes it easier to build, edit, and delete watchlists. Clients can now create and save up to 50 watchlists with up to 300 symbols per watchlist.
  • Orders on the Order Status page can now be filtered by Status, Date Range, and Security Type. Orders can also be sorted by Symbol, Status, and Time & Date columns by clicking on those columns.