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3D Printing

This theme focuses on the companies developing the 3D printing process and technology, the companies distributing it, and the companies that use it to create their products.

Active Lifestyle

This theme focuses on companies involved in sports and fitness products, including apparel, facilities, and at-home and gym exercise equipment.

Aging U.S. Population

This theme's companies focus on senior care communities and medical treatments, including those involving chronic diseases that impact seniors disproportionately.

Artificial Intelligence

This theme focuses on companies developing artificial intelligence technology and those applying it to their business through automation, diagnostics, cognitive tasks, and more.

Autonomous Driving

The companies in this theme focus on developing hardware and software that enable partially or fully autonomous road-driving systems.

Big Data

This theme focuses on companies that process, store, and analyze data by providing data mining, transformation, and visualization, and predictive analytics tools.


This theme focuses on companies that use a trusted intermediary—specifically ledger technology—to provide secured transactions and optimize their services.

Caffeinated Drinks

This theme focuses on the global caffeinated industry of coffee shop chains, energy and soft drink brands, and related companies.

Cancer Research

The companies in this theme seek to provide new treatments for cancer through various processes including immuno-oncology, precision oncology, nanooncology, and gene therapy.

Casino and Online Gambling

This theme's companies enable in-person and online gambling—casinos, online gambling sites, fantasy sports sites, and related software.

Chemicals from Natural Gas

This theme focuses on chemical companies that use natural gas by-products as production input to produce fertilizers, specialty chemicals, and commodity chemicals.

China Internet

This theme focuses on companies listed on the U.S. stock market, including online businesses such as e-commerce, online gaming, and social networking that serve Chinese consumers and internet users.

Cloud Computing

This theme puts the focus on companies that build hardware, systems, and infrastructure to enable cloud computing services over the internet.

Consumer and Business Travel

The focus here is on companies serving the travel industry, from booking to transport and accommodation—including hotels, airlines, and online travel agents.

Cyber Security

This theme focuses on companies developing security solutions to help protect against cyber-attacks affecting applications, networks, cloud computing, and endpoint security.

Digital Generation

This theme focuses on digital-first companies geared toward U.S. millennial consumers—streaming services, rideshare apps, social media, video games, and e-commerce.

Digital Payments

This theme focuses on companies that enable digital financial transactions, including firms developing infrastructure that allows cashless and paperless payments—whether online or in-person via app or card.

Digitization of Financial Services

The companies in this theme apply technology to otherwise traditional financial services, including electronic services like banking and consumer finance and related software and infrastructure.

Dining Out

This theme focuses on restaurants providing fast food or casual dining, including drive-through, takeout, and those offering online ordering systems.

Discount and Luxury Lifestyles

The companies in this theme address consumers at the two ends of the wealth spectrum: discount retailers at one end, and luxury product and services providers at the other.


The companies in this theme engage in online commerce—auction sites, online marketplaces, and software and service providers.

Electric Vehicles

The companies included in this theme focus on EV manufacturing, plus the development of battery technology and charging station infrastructure.


This theme's companies help develop technologies for genomic sequencing and apply genomics to healthcare solutions, from DNA sequencing to gene therapy.

Healthcare Access and Efficiency

This theme focuses on companies that provide services and technologies that seek to make healthcare in the U.S. more accessible, efficient, and affordable.

Healthy Eating

The companies in this theme focus on the production and distribution of healthy food, vegetarian and vegan alternatives, and nutritional supplements.

Home Improvement

The companies in this theme help consumers update their homes—including ones that build and distribute furniture, garden supplies, and remodeling products.

Junk Foods

The companies in this theme produce high-calorie food and beverages in the U.S., including soft drink producers, fast food restaurant chains, and packaged snack makers.

Medical Technology

This theme's companies focus on technological innovations in medicine—medical equipment such as surgical robots, consumer health devices like blood glucose monitors, and more.

New Car Production

This theme's focus is on auto manufacturers and their component suppliers, including OEMs, electric vehicle manufacturers, and parts companies.

Online Gaming

The companies in this theme—including hardware developers, game publishers, and streaming platforms—produce online video games or related products.

Online Music and Video

Companies in this theme are involved in streaming music and video over the internet, including consumer-facing brands, infrastructure, and technology providers.

Pet Passion

The companies in this theme are in the pet business, including pet food, veterinary care, medical treatment, boarding, and insurance.

Precious Metals

This theme focuses on companies involved in the mining of gold, silver, and platinum.

Pursuing Beauty

The companies in this theme focus on helping people enhance their appearance through fields including beauty and personal care, aesthetic medicine, and cosmetic dentistry spaces.

Renewable Energy

This theme targets companies that are expanding energy capacity by developing and implementing solar, wind, biofuel, and other non-fossil fuel technologies.

Robotic Revolution

The companies in this theme are focused on using robotic solutions to innovate the fields of manufacturing, logistics, and medical services.

Social Networking

This theme focuses on social media companies, including those that enable online connections and interactions in large groups and communities.

Software as a Service

This theme targets companies offering enterprise software using a SaaS model—meaning the software is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed on the web via subscription.

Space Economy

This theme focuses on companies that design and build launch vehicles, manufacture and operate satellites, and provide satellite imagery software and services.

The 5G Era

This theme's companies build the underlying technology and infrastructure for the rollout of 5G networks—and their associated speed and capabilities.

U.S. Housing

This theme puts the focus on home builders, residential real estate developers, building materials suppliers, mortgage originators, insurers, and real estate brokerage firms.

U.S. National Defense

The companies in this theme provide products and services—such as weapons, vehicles, rockets, and satellite communications—to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Water Sustainability

The companies in this theme provide infrastructure, technology, and services to help manage water resources more sustainably.

Wearable Tech

This theme focuses on companies involved in building internet-connected pieces of technology that can be worn, as well as their component suppliers.

Workforce Diversity Leaders

The companies in this theme seek to recruit, retain, and promote women, minorities, LGBTQ individuals, veterans, and people with disabilities.