Behind the themes.

Our research and proprietary technology help you discover investment opportunities and emerging trends through curated stock lists.

Here's how each of our 40+ themes are created.

Our unique process uncovers opportunities.

We explore news sources, industry publications, and research reports to identify trends and assess their potential as ideas and insights for themes.

We use proprietary technology to evaluate data and discover relevant companies.

Based on the trends and ideas identified, we develop keywords and phrases that connect to specific themes. We use natural language processing (NLP) to find companies linked to those keywords and phrases, combing through millions of public documents, such as patents, clinical trials, and company filings.

Our proprietary algorithm helps build each stock list.

Our proprietary algorithm quantifies the companies' relevance to each theme and selects them based on their relevance score and market cap. Applicable companies are selected and grouped together to create a list of stocks that could be difficult to find on your own.   

Themes are reviewed frequently.

We frequently review our themes and the related companies to help ensure that all stocks remain up to date with theme principles and sector changes.  

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