Estimate your small business retirement plan contributions and more with our calculator.

Simplify the process of calculating contributions and determining employee eligibility in your business's retirement plan with the Small Business Retirement Contribution Calculator.

Our unique calculator tool helps small business owners with a range of tasks.


Easily analyze different levels of contributions by comparing various types of small business retirement plans.  


Determine which of your employees may be eligible for contributions.


Calculate eligible contributions in a snap. Our unique functionality includes the complex "earned income formula" for self-employed business owners.


Get a head start on your taxes and estimate your contribution level before finalizing your yearly contributions with a tax advisor.

Before getting started, make sure to have your:

  1. Schedule C, K1 Net Profit, or W-2 Income Statement
  2. Employees' data (if applicable); this includes month and year of hire, birthday, and W-2 income

Small Business Retirement Calculator

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