Employers: Provide the information required to complete your
TD Ameritrade SIMPLE IRA plan Agreements with Schwab.

Employees: You do not need to complete the forms below.

Complete your Employer Plan Agreements to finalize your SIMPLE IRA plan at Schwab.

To set up your TD Ameritrade SIMPLE IRA plan at Schwab, you need to complete and sign your Employer Plan Agreements. This will allow you to make contributions now that your plan transitioned to Schwab.

Additionally, you'll have the following benefits:

  • You can use ACH Tooltip to make contributions, if desired.

  • You'll be able to link your employee accounts to easily make all plan contributions.

  • You'll be able to add employees to your plan.

  • You'll have the ability to allow others to administer your plan.

  • As a recognized employer, you'll have access to personalized service from Schwab for help with your plan.

How to get started

By clicking "complete now", you'll be asked to provide your email address which will trigger an email from  DocuSign Tooltip Where you will then be guided to sign and return the forms electronically.

You will be asked to:

1. Fill out a new Schwab SIMPLE Tooltip plan document.
2. Tell us about your company, the business owner(s), and company tax ID.
3. List your employees and their Schwab SIMPLE account numbers.
4. Optional: Complete the MoneyLink Form to set up ACH instructions for contributions.

You will need the following information:

  • Your SIMPLE IRA Plan document (IRS Form 5304-SIMPLE)
  • Your company's owner(s), EIN, and address
  • A list of your employees and their current account numbers

For more details on this process and documents, please see the "Common questions" section below.

Ready to sign your Employer Plan Agreements?

Learn more about SIMPLE IRA plans at Schwab, or call 800-435-4000 for more information.

Common questions

Clicking the "Complete now" button above will take you to the electronic DocuSign process, where you will be asked to sign and submit the following forms:

1. The Schwab SIMPLE IRA Adoption Agreement​

  • The SIMPLE IRA Basic Plan Document contains additional information on the legal provisions referred to in the Adoption Agreement.
  • The Adoption Agreement plus the Basic Plan Document will replace the similar IRS Form 5304-SIMPLE used at TD Ameritrade.

2. The Employer Agreement​

  • This form allows Schwab to identify you as the business owner offering the SIMPLE IRA plan.​
  • Employers can use this to add other approved contacts to the plan.​

3. The Transmittal Form​

  • This form will be used to link the employee accounts in your plan. Add your employee names and Schwab account numbers in the first two columns of Section 3.
  • Please disregard the other columns in that section. ​
  • Do not send contributions using this form until you have completed your Employer Plan Agreement.

4. The MoneyLink Form

  • This form sets up the plan's ACH instructions if ACH contributions are desired.
  • ACH instructions apply after you have completed your Employer Plan Agreement.

Yes, you can download and mail in all required forms if you do not wish to complete the process online.  However, mailing in the forms could result in a longer wait time.

Here are the required forms to download and print:

The general tax deadlines for contributions are that employee deferrals must be contributed to the SIMPLE plan as soon as administratively feasible, but no later than 30 days after the month withheld from the employee's pay. Employer contributions (match or nonelective) must be paid to the employee's account in the plan no later than the employer’s tax filing deadline, including extensions.

Yes, you can sign all forms electronically using DocuSign.

No, only employers can complete the process by submitting the documents to Schwab.