What's it like to be a Schwab client? Hear first-hand.

Read reviews from our current clients as they comment on what we offer and how we're different from other firms. 

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  • Schwab One Brokerage Account

    689 Reviews | 4.0 avg out of 5

    "Very intuitive and easy to trade on mobile apps."


  • Individual Retirement Account

    530 Reviews | 4.2 avg out of 5

    "Schwab has met all of our families needs with quiet support, low costs, great customer service, and easy on-line access."


  • Schwab Trading Services

    1634 Reviews | 4.6 avg out of 5

    "Schwab account is easy to navigate, packed with helpful features and very fast. Confirmation of trades are quick as well."


  • High Yield Investor Checking

    703 Reviews | 4.6 avg out of 5

    "They have consistently the best customer service I have ever encountered and amazing features on their checking/savings accounts. I don't know how they do it, but there actually is a personal, "hometown" feel to Charles Schwab."