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Combining 401(k)s

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Combining 401(k)s and Other Accounts

You may have accumulated several retirement accounts in different places over the years, including 401(k) plans from previous employers. Consolidating 401(k)s and other accounts can simplify your overall financial situation.

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Consolidating 401(k)s helps you:

  • Lower administrative fees.
  • View your portfolio holistically.
  • Monitor investments in one place.
  • Prepare your taxes more easily.
  • Simplify your finances for the future.
  • Combining accounts: How to get started.

  • Gather your most recent 401(k) and IRA statements. To transfer these accounts, you need statements that are less than 90 days old.

  • Collect online rollover or transfer forms and contact information from your brokerage company or previous employer.

  • Be sure to have your accounts rolled over directly to Schwab. If you don’t, you may have to pay taxes you could have avoided.

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