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Clients can find stocks with extensive screening tools, stock lists, and guidance from Schwab and six independent research firms. All Schwab clients can access Schwab Equity Ratings®, our proprietary method for identifying stocks we believe will outperform or underperform the market over the next 12 months.

Preview our stock research.

A preview of Schwab’s stock research and screening tools.

Tools and Screeners

  • Search and screen using more than 100 criteria, including technical, fundamental, and ratings.
  • Compare multiple stocks and create customized searches.
  • Get ideas from Schwab Stock Lists™, model portfolios, and stock focus lists. 

See how our screeners work.

See comparison tools.

Example of a detailed stock research quote

In-Depth Quotes

  • Detailed stock quotes, including earnings and dividends
  • Market news from 10 sources, including Reuters and MT Newswires
  • Company profiles plus earnings estimates, trends, and key ratios
  • Advanced charting
  • Financial statements, including detailed ratio analysis

See a sample stock summary.

See a sample earnings report.

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Research Providers and Sample Reports

  • Individual stock ratings from the Schwab Center for Financial Research and stock-level earnings reports and ratings (using a simple A–F scale)
  • Stock lists by sector and style
  • Third-party research from providers such as Morningstar, Credit Suisse, CFRA, and Argus Research
  • Third-party research offerings, including equity strategies, focus lists, and model portfolios

See a sample Schwab Equity Ratings report.

See a sample Morningstar report

See a sample provider report.

Learn more about Schwab Equity Ratings®

Learn more about Schwab Equity Ratings International®


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