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Clients can take advantage of our powerful tools, including customizable screeners, Strategy Finder, and Trade Assessor.

Preview our options research tools.

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  • Full options chains. Access a list of stocks, indexes, and ETFs.
  • Screeners. Find options contracts for multiple strategies based on Schwab-defined or customizable criteria.
  • Strategy Finder. Screen for options strategies that match your expectations and risk tolerance.
  • Options pricing calculators. Determine Greeks and theoretical values.
Options screener example

Robust Options Screening

  • Trade Assessor helps find calls, puts, and multi-leg strategies for an underlying security.
  • Use Option Builder® to select from the most common multi-leg options strategies to get current price indications.
  • Schwab-defined and customizable screens help identify potential options trades.
  • Select weekly and quarterly options in addition to standard-dated options.

Active traders: View the powerful options trading tools built in to Schwab's StreetSmart Edge® trading platform, including options Greeks, options charting and more.

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