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Global Investing

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Schwab offers a comprehensive solution for your global investing needs including equity trading in over 30 foreign markets, research from Schwab and third-party experts, and professional support. Call 877-806-4205. Our team is available between 5:30 pm ET Sunday and 5:30 pm ET Friday.

Global securities provide access to established and emerging economies having different growth prospects and economic drivers than that of the United States.

Non-U.S. Market Performance

Performance of international markets can and have, at times, exceeded that of the United States. Schwab global investing resources can help you research and identify potential investment opportunities.

See recent market performance by country.

Expanding World Market

Non-U.S. markets comprise a greater percentage of worldwide market capitalization than ever before. Non-U.S. markets are likely to continue to grow in importance as economies mature and new companies come public.

See how market equity of major economies is changing.

Greater Diversification 

Global investments can provide exposure to an asset class that may move differently than U.S. holdings, potentially lowering the overall risk of a portfolio.

See how U.S. and international stocks have performed over time.

Currency Exchange Effects

U.S. stocks can be impacted by the value of the dollar relative to currencies of other countries. Investing in stocks from other countries can provide a layer of diversification from the U.S. dollar.

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