How to pay yourself in retirement

Learn why retirement income planning is critical and how to put a sensible, sustainable plan in place.

3 retirement income challenges you might not expect

Turning your retirement savings into a steady stream of income can be tricky. Here are three challenges you’ll want to plan for.


Building confidence

  • 5 steps to get your retirement plan on track


    How much can you spend? Will your money last? What if your needs change?

  • What should your retirement portfolio include?


    As your goals change, so will your portfolio. But you need to strike the right balance.

  • How to plan your retirement withdrawals


    Which accounts should you tap when? A tax-smart strategy could save you money.

Is a robo-advisor right for your retirement?

More people are turning to robo-advisors to ease the burden of managing their retirement plans and portfolios, and to help ensure tax-smart withdrawals. 


  • Ready to plan your income?

    Schwab Intelligent Income™, a feature of Schwab Intelligent Portfolios®, can help you create, monitor, and manage a diversified retirement portfolio, based on your needs and goals.