Poodle Vulnerability Redirect Page

You have been redirected to this page as we have detected that your browser is attempting to connect to a Schwab site using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) v3. Recently SSL v3 was revealed to have a vulnerability, nicknamed POODLE. To better protect our clients, Schwab has disabled access to our sites from browsers using SSL v3.

What You Can Do

If your web browser enables other encryption methods, you will not experience any problems accessing our websites and there is nothing you need to do.

If your web browser only allows SSL v3, then enabling Transport Layer Security (TLS) within your browser will correct these issues. Settings vary by browser, though in general a user has the ability to update the configuration. A brief description on how to do this in Internet Explorer is included below:

Internet Explorer: under the Tools menu, select Internet Options, then Advanced. Ensure all three TLS checkboxes are checked. For added safety, uncheck SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0.

If you have any questions and would like to speak to a Schwab representative, please call: 800-435-4000.

Your Security is Our Top Priority

We take these types of threats very seriously and continuously monitor the security landscape and our systems.

While the "Poodle" vulnerability has been identified, there is no indication at this time that it has been used to extract information from your account.

As a precaution against these kinds of risks, we encourage clients to regularly change their password. In this case it is particularly important if you are using an older browser that may have been more vulnerable. These include: Internet Explorer 6 or below; Opera 4 or below.

For more helpful information on security, and a description of the Schwab Security Guarantee, visit SchwabSafe.