Verification at login adds another important level of protection

You’ll soon notice that we’ll require you to confirm your identity with an access code when you login to Schwab – even when you will have used your login ID and password.


At Schwab, your trust is essential to our business. To earn that trust, we make your security our priority. We’re adding a new authentication feature to provide you with an extra layer of security when you work with Schwab online. 

This new step helps protect your account information, even if your login ID and password have been compromised.

What is this?

The new feature will be an additional verification layer at login to confirm it’s really you. Once we know it’s you and you tell us to trust the device, we’ll associate your particular device to your account for future use.

That way, when you log in on that device, we know that you’re using a device we recognize – and trust. 

When does this happen?

When this new feature is introduced, we’ll ask you to verify each device you use. This should only happen once for each device. You may be asked to re-verify if you’ve deleted cookies from your browser, use a new browser, or make other changes to your device.

If you use a new or different device, or a public one (which we really don’t recommend for security reasons), then you’ll be asked to provide verification with an access code. 

If you do use a public device, make sure to tell Schwab not to trust it. You’ll see this option on the screen.

If you don’t choose to have us remember and trust your device, then we’ll ask you to enter a code each time you use your device.

What's the procedure?

Log in to your Schwab account with your login ID and password. A notice will appear on-screen, asking you to verify that it’s you with an access code. This one-time access code is unique, and we send it only to you. 

You’ll choose how you want us to send the code – we’ll show you options. Once you get the unique code, enter it on the webpage, and continue by telling us to trust this device. You and your device will be recognized with Schwab.

For example, you receive an access code on your laptop via email and enter it on the webpage. After we verify that it’s you (with your unique code), we associate that particular laptop with your account. 

Once we send you the code, you have 30 minutes to enter it. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or so to complete.

If the code expires, or you need the code again, simply request a new one. And if you have any other issues, call us. We’re here to help.

After that, you’re good to login every time with that laptop – we know it’s a laptop you want us to trust.