International Branch Representatives

International VP–Financial Consultants

What they do Compensation
International VP-Financial Consultants provide services primarily to our clients residing outside the United States. These Financial Consultants are paid according to the same incentive plan as U.S. Financial Consultants, with the exception that some products available in the U.S. are not available to clients residing in some non-U.S. jurisdictions.

International – Branch Managers

What they do  Compensation
International Branch Managers lead a team composed of International Financial Consultants and Client Service Staff. Branch Managers provide strategic direction and execution support, recruit and manage the team, manage various risk factors around our business and accounts, and advance the Schwab brand.   In addition to a base salary, Branch Managers are eligible to earn an annual bonus that is funded based on Schwab’s performance and determined based on manager discretion, which may include consideration of branch growth and productivity, client satisfaction, and development of staff.