Tax Planning

May 21, 2022

Anticipate tax issues to help postpone or potentially avoid unnecessary taxes and maximize after-tax wealth.

Tax-Efficient Investing: Why Is It Important?

Making tax-efficiency part of your investing strategy can help lower your tax bill.

5-Step Tax-Smart Retirement Income Plan

Smart tax planning can help extend the life of your retirement savings and may lower taxes in retirement.

Paying for College: Are Scholarships Taxable?

Scholarship money is generally tax-free provided the student is a candidate for a degree at an eligible institution and the money is used to pay for qualified expenses.

Is Rental Income From a Vacation Home Taxable?

Renting out a vacation home part-time can mean extra income. But remember, Uncle Sam wants some of it too!

Learn about tax-smart strategies.

4 Common Tax-Filing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Watch out for these common errors when preparing your tax return.

Making Sense of Your Tax Refund

Was your tax refund smaller than in previous years? Did you owe more than usual? Here's why.

How to Manage a Windfall

Three tips for incorporating a large influx of assets into your financial plan.

Focusing on a Tax Refund? Do Some Planning Instead

Getting a tax refund can feel great. Doing some more careful tax planning can feel even better.

4 Tax-Smart Moves You Can Still Make for 2021

Tax Day is coming soon. But it's not too late to make these tax-smart moves.

How to Plan Ahead for Taxes in Retirement

Selecting tax-smart accounts may help your retirement savings last longer.