Tax Planning

Anticipate tax issues to help postpone or potentially avoid unnecessary taxes and maximize after-tax wealth.

Tax Deduction Basics and Tips

Learn the two main tax deduction types, how tax deductions work, and how they may or may not apply to you and your taxes.

Tax-Smart Strategies for Annual Charitable Giving

Achieve greater impact for the causes you care about by pursuing tax-efficient charitable giving strategies.

The Tax-Planning Life Cycle

Certain tax topics can have an impact on your after-tax wealth. Learn about the tax-planning life cycle and how taxes can affect every stage of your investing journey.

401(k) Tax 'Deduction:' What You Need to Know

You may be eligible for a 401(k) tax deduction if you have a retirement account. Read about contribution limits, employer contributions, and tax-deferred options.

Understanding the 1099-DIV Tax Form

Dividend income is a distribution of earnings paid to shareholders and can have important tax implications. Some are "ordinary" while others are "qualified."

Required Minimum Distributions: What to Know

Guidelines, deadlines, and potential tax consequences: What you need to know when it comes to required minimum distributions (RMDs).

Tax-Loss Harvesting

Find out how tax-loss harvesting could be used to potentially offset gains in your portfolio and what to watch out for when doing it.

Mark-to-Market & Trader Taxes

Learn the unique tax considerations that impact full-time traders' bottom lines, including qualifying under special IRS rules.

Tax-Smart Charitable Giving

If you're deciding between taking the standard deduction or itemizing, learn three tax-smart ways to get a tax deduction for your charitable giving.

Preserving Family Property as Conservation Land

Conservation easements are a powerful and flexible tool for legacy planning, providing tax advantages and helping to ensure that property is not a burden on one's heirs.