Tax Planning

Anticipate tax issues to help postpone or potentially avoid unnecessary taxes and maximize after-tax wealth.

2024 Mid-Year Outlook: Municipal Bonds

Although the market is off to a rough start to the year, we think it should recover.

The Estate Tax and Lifetime Gifting

If you have a large estate, consider gifting during your lifetime as a strategy to help reduce estate taxes.

Should You Add Life Insurance to Your Estate Plan?

Adding life insurance to your estate plan can help give your heirs flexibility in the future.

The Upshot of Gifting Appreciated Stock

A look at the potential tax advantages of gifting appreciated stock to new grads.

Can Agency Bonds Offer Extra Yield?

Federal agency bonds generally carry the same high credit rating as U.S. Treasuries, yet can sometimes offer slightly higher yields. Here's what to consider.

5 Questions for Later-in-Life Marriages

Getting married later in life raises a host of unique financial considerations. Here's what you can ask yourselves before you tie the knot.

How to Plan Around Estate Tax Uncertainties

Three trust types that may help guard against future estate tax changes.

Advanced Tax Strategies for Donating Equity Awards

Discover which types of equity compensation can be donated to charity, and what the potential tax benefits of those donations may be.

Social Security Is Taxable? How to Minimize Taxes

Many retirees are surprised to learn that Social Security may be subject to taxation. Here are four strategies to help minimize taxes when you're receiving benefits.

Inheriting an IRA? Understand Your Choices

Understand how to manage inheriting an IRA, as well as the rules and choices to make the most of your inheritance.