July 1, 2022

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War in Ukraine: Recession in Europe?

We believe the odds of a recession in Europe are above average, but still below 50%. We will be watching developments and data closely to see how the economic outlook evolves.

Rates Set to Rise: How High, How Fast, How Long?

How high and fast must interest rates rise before consumers and companies slow spending enough to bring inflation under control? Will these rate hikes impact jobs and the economy?

Russia-Ukraine: Hit to Russia's Financial Systems

Global leaders backed a new round of sanctions on Russia, but it is unclear at this time if these additional measures will be successful at avoiding an energy shock.

Russia-Ukraine: Navigating Markets on Edge

The human toll is immense, but financial market reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been muted so far. Here's what we expect to see in coming days and weeks.

Geopolitical Risk Update: Russia-Ukraine

We believe that diversified investors don't need to take action to protect their portfolios from events in Ukraine, which are unlikely to affect broader market and economic trends.

Why Invest Internationally?

A large home bias, even with international sales exposure, may not diversify investors across sectors, endangering financial goals when new economic cycles shift long-term trends.

Could Geopolitical Hotspots Burn U.S. Markets?

Growing tensions with Russia and China have the U.S. and EU considering tough responses. But how will the markets and the economy react to these geopolitical showdowns?

Guide to Geopolitical Risk: Russia-Ukraine

The human costs of military action are unmeasurable. Yet, the stock market reaction to an incursion or invasion of Ukraine may echo those of the past with little measurable impact for diversified investors.

What Do Rising Rates Mean for Stock Investors?

Global benchmark yields are moving higher along with economic sentiment. We expect yields to remain positively correlated to market returns, favoring cyclical and value stocks.

2022 Market Outlook

As we look to the new year, what can investors expect from the markets in 2022?