Government Policy

July 1, 2022

Understand how policy decisions coming out of Washington may impact financial markets and your investments. Or explore other investing topics:

Rates Set to Rise: How High, How Fast, How Long?

How high and fast must interest rates rise before consumers and companies slow spending enough to bring inflation under control? Will these rate hikes impact jobs and the economy?

Tight Rope: History's Lessons About Rate Hike Cycles

The Fed is set to embark on another tightening cycle, and though history serves as a partial guide, there are new tools this time around and an undetermined rate-hike playbook.

Could Geopolitical Hotspots Burn U.S. Markets?

Growing tensions with Russia and China have the U.S. and EU considering tough responses. But how will the markets and the economy react to these geopolitical showdowns?

Will Rising Interest Rates Tame Inflation?

Getting inflation under control is job one at the Fed right now, so rates are set to rise. But how soon, how much, and at what cost to the economy?

2022 Market Outlook

As we look to the new year, what can investors expect from the markets in 2022?

Three Unresolved Issues Congress Must Address

As the year winds down, Congress and the president must make decisions on key issues with potential long-term impact on the markets and economy.

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities: FAQs about TIPS

TIPS can be a buffer against long-term inflation, but TIPS investing isn't always straightforward. Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

2022 Global Outlook: Slowing But Not Slow

Persistent high-tide growth is likely to help float the global economy safely over the rocks of risks in 2022, despite waves of worries: COVID, inflation, shortages & rate hikes.

What’s in the Fed’s Toolbox?

What the Fed’s monetary-policy tools signal about the market.

Can Your Portfolio Make an Impact and a Profit?

An explosion of investor interest in environmental, social, and governance factors has companies and regulators scrambling to strike the right balance.