Giving With Heart

November 11, 2022 Charles Schwab
Pursuing your charitable ambitions is more important than ever.

Each year, Schwab conducts our Modern Wealth Survey to better understand how investors' goals and values are changing. This year, respondents revealed a significant commitment to philanthropy, with 69% saying that supporting causes they care about is a top financial consideration.

Giving back has always been a priority for Schwab—particularly when it comes to increasing financial literacy. Over the years, we've witnessed how many young Americans lack access to the financial education necessary to effectively manage their money. That's what inspired us to launch Moneywise America™, our flagship financial literacy program for teens, created by expert educators and led by trained Schwab employees.

Whatever causes are near and dear to your heart, the end of the year is a great time to take stock of your philanthropic efforts. And to maximize your gifts, you might consider giving via a donor-advised fund account, which allows you to invest your charitable dollars for potential growth.

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