On Your Mind: Investors' Top Mid-Year Questions

July 1, 2021
Washington's slow progress on infrastructure, taxes, deficits, debt, and bills aimed at big tech leaves investors with many questions. Mike Townsend offers updates and discusses the potential for market volatility.

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Investors can't shake their concerns about major issues that Congress continues to wrestle with—especially when it comes to the volatility they can bring to the markets. In this episode of WashingtonWise Mike Townsend offers updates on questions that continue to plague investors, including the slow progress of an infrastructure bill, what's happening with proposed new taxes and whom they would hit hardest, why the massive deficits and debt are still growing, the outlook for action on the looming debt ceiling, and the progress of bills targeting anti-competitive practices and their impact on key tech stocks that virtually every U.S. investor has in their portfolio, whether they know it or not.

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