On the Move? A Look at How Big Cities Compare in Cost

March 3, 2022
Considering a move? Here's how much it costs to live in each state's largest metropolitan area relative to the national average.

As many as 23 million Americans are planning to move in the coming years, thanks in part to the growing shift toward remote work—and 53% of that 23 million plan to move somewhere more affordable.1

Here's a look at how much more—or less—you'd need to maintain the same standard of living in the most populous metropolitan area of each state, plus Washington, D.C.2 For example, if you earn $250,000 and live in Houston—where the cost of living is near the national average—you would need to make about 15.5% more ($288,700) to maintain the same standard of living in New York City, or 11% less ($221,925) in Charleston, West Virginia.

1Economist Report: Remote Workers on the Move, Upwork, 10/2020.

2Regional Price Parities by Metropolitan Statistical Area, 2020, Bureau of Economic Analysis, 12/14/2021. Percentages indicate how much more or less expensive a given metropolitan area is relative to the national average.

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