No Matter Your Age, Start Medicare Planning Now

March 21, 2024 Michael Townsend
For nearly everyone, part of every paycheck you earn goes straight to Medicare. It’s a big and confusing investment that needs to be managed wisely—but when and how do you start?
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Demystifying Medicare for Retirement” on Schwab Insights & Education.
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    Medicare is one of the toughest federal programs to navigate, a maze of confusing choices, odd deadlines, and potential penalties. Yet it's critically important for everyone, even if you're just starting out in your career, to understand it. On this episode, Susan Hirshman, director of wealth management at the Schwab Center for Financial Research and a Medicare expert, joins host Mike Townsend to help demystify Medicare for listeners. Noting that almost everyone pays into Medicare from their very first job, Hirshman discusses how Medicare needs to be part of your financial plan throughout your life—not just right before you turn 65. She shares insight on the key choices and deadlines in Medicare, how to determine which Medicare option is right for you, the importance of long-term care insurance and health savings accounts to supplement Medicare, and how to avoid common mistakes. 

    Mike also shares his latest updates from Washington, including the president's new budget proposal, the recent vote in the House of Representatives that could lead to banning the popular social media app TikTok, and the court battle that has put a temporary stop to the SEC's controversial new climate risk disclosure rule.

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