Global Events Spark Fears, Clouding Big Picture

October 12, 2023
Geopolitical events can impact the markets with little warning. But investors need to step back and view the big picture to be able to make sound decisions.
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  • Check out "Conflict in the Middle East" by Jeff Kleintop.
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    The recent attacks in Israel are a reminder that geopolitical events can happen at any time, but when it comes to global investing, it’s often the big picture that tells the real story. Jeff Kleintop, Schwab’s chief global investment strategist, joins Mike Townsend to assess the ever-present nature of geopolitical risks that can have far-reaching impact in today’s interconnected economy.

    Mike and Jeff also dive into the headline issues that are affecting China’s economy, including the troubles with its largest property developers, and explore the renewed efforts in Washington to improve U.S.-China relations. They also discuss whether Europe is turning the corner and why Japan is seeing its best stock market performance in decades. They zoom out to see beyond the short term and look at where opportunities for investors may be emerging.

    Mike also addresses the latest news from Washington, where chaos in the House of Representatives is increasing worries about a government shutdown in November and imperiling the broader policy agenda.

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