Big Issues, Tight Deadlines May Rattle the Markets

September 16, 2021
Congress is facing four major issues, all with short timelines and big hurdles. Can lawmakers find common ground to avoid a government shutdown or worse?

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After a long stretch of inaction, things are busy in Washington as deadlines approach for funding the government for the next fiscal year and raising the debt ceiling. Mike Townsend dives into each of the issues and considers the likelihood of either a government shutdown or worse—the U.S. defaulting on its debts should Congress fail to act.

He also looks at the two key spending issues that Congress is facing, the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Democrats' framework for a $3.5 trillion spending package, including the proposed tax changes within the plan that are designed to offset the spending. Mike offers his thoughts on the timing and likely outcome for all four of these issues.

Finally, he updates what's happening at the SEC and its efforts to address the "gamification" of securities trading.

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