Add the Debt Ceiling Fight to the Markets’ Woes

January 25, 2023
Between shrinking earnings, the Fed's ongoing battle to tame inflation, and now the looming debt ceiling fight, the markets just can’t seem to hold their footing.
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  • Check out Schwab’s Insights & Education for the latest commentary from Schwab experts.
  • Follow Mike and Randy on Twitter—@MikeTownsendCS and @RandyAFrederick, respectively.


Randy Frederick, Schwab's managing director for trading and derivatives, joins host Mike Townsend to address concerns about the looming debt ceiling fight in Congress, the far-reaching disruption it could bring to the markets, and whether we can learn anything from a similar standoff in 2011. They also share insights on how the markets are interpreting the latest inflation numbers and recent earnings reports. And Randy provides an update on the state of the cryptocurrency space in the wake of the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX late last year.

Mike discusses the creation of a new House subcommittee focused on digital currency and financial technology, a first of its kind. He also considers what the 5,000 new IRS employees will mean to this year's tax filing season and dives into a bit of the U.S.'s debt ceiling history.

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