Satisfying your required minimum distribution (RMD) just got easier.

See your total RMD amount, any amount you've already withdrawn, and the remaining amount you must withdraw—all in one place. Whether you want to take a distribution now or schedule it for later this year, visit the RMD Center for a quick, convenient way to meet your RMD.

Visit the RMD Center

How to take your RMD online.

Visit and log in. Then set up your distribution, review the details, and submit your request. If you have questions, simply select "Help" for more information.

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RMD Video

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Once you reach a certain age, the IRS requires you to take annual distributions out of specific types of retirement accounts.

These mandatory withdrawals are called Required Minimum Distributions, or RMDs.

Fortunately, the RMD Center on is a convenient place to manage your RMDs for your eligible Schwab accounts, easily and securely.

It provides:

  • Clear due dates and the amounts you still need to withdraw, helping to avoid potentially costly IRS penalties
  • Ways to schedule distributions to fit your needs and a
  • A digital solution that eliminates paperwork.

Start with a clear view of your RMD status; including any scheduled distributions, amounts already taken, and the amount you still need to withdraw across your retirement accounts that are available through the RMD Center.

You can then set up your distribution requests and adjust your tax withholdings.

Finally, simply review and confirm your request. From there, you can save it and print a copy for your records or share them with your tax professional.

No paperwork, no long phone calls, just a simple three step process.

To start managing your RMDs at any time of the year, visit or simply log into, roll over the Accounts tab, and click “Take my RMD.”

We hope you take advantage of this easy to use RMD Center to stay on top of your RMDs. It’s just another way Schwab helps you own your tomorrow.


Manage your RMDs

Schwab's RMD Center lets you view your RMD status, track due dates, schedule distributions and more for your eligible Schwab accounts.