Satisfying your required minimum distribution (RMD) just got easier.

See your total RMD amount, any amount you've already withdrawn, and the remaining amount you must withdraw—all in one place. Whether you want to take a distribution now or schedule it for later this year, visit the RMD Center for a quick, convenient way to meet your RMD.

Visit the RMD Center

How to take your RMD online.

Visit and log in. Then set up your distribution, review the details, and submit your request. If you have questions, simply select "Help" for more information.

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How to take your RMD online

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Once you reach a certain age, the IRS requires you to take money out of specific types of your IRAs. These mandatory withdrawals are called Required Minimum Distributions, or RMDs.

To begin, go to and enter your username and password to log in.

Here at the top of the page you'll see important information including:

  • Your Total RMD for all eligible Schwab IRAs as calculated for that tax year
  • The amount you've Already Withdrawn during the year that is subtracted from the Total RMD
  • and the amount you Still Need to Withdraw.

Below this you'll see a list of your eligible Schwab IRAs, their current account value, and the amount of cash available in each. To make a withdrawal, enter the distribution amount you would like to take to meet your RMD.

Now choose how and when you'd like to receive your RMD: transfer to your Schwab brokerage account where you can reinvest the funds, transfer to an external account, or receive a check by mail. Once you've made your selections, click "Review RMD Request."

Here you'll see a summary of the transaction you just created. Click "Edit RMD Request" to make any changes, and click "Submit RMD Request" when ready to proceed.

Now you'll receive your confirmation that your distribution request was successfully received, along with your updated RMD status.

You'll see Today's Request factored in along with your Total RMD and the Amount Withdrawn to determine how much, if anything, you Still Need to Withdraw.

Typically, that's it – your RMD is done in a few simple steps. But let's go back and see how you can further customize your withdrawal to fit any additional needs you might have.

For example, because RMDs are taxed as ordinary income, you have the option to specify or update your tax withholding elections. Click "View & edit tax withholding" to make adjustments. While you may elect not to have federal tax withheld, some states require withholding from your distribution.

You can also choose to take more or less than your RMD. If your amount is less than the total required, you'll see a small icon indicating so, but you can still complete your withdrawal—this guardrail is here just to help you avoid the risk of penalties or mistakes. You can also take a withdrawal larger than the required amount.

Besides taking cash distributions from your IRAs, there may be other ways to satisfy your RMD. For help on this topic, or if you have any questions at any point, you can click the "Help" icon in the top right corner of any section for a handy help menu with answers to Frequently Asked Questions. To exit the menu, click the "X" in the top-right corner or anywhere on the grey masked out area.

We hope you take advantage of the easy to use RMD Center to stay on top of your RMD.

As always, our goal is to help you along your financial journey however we can.


Watch our video to see how to take your RMD online.

Learn about the step-by-step process to take your distribution online.