Transferring funds online is now easier—like it should be.

Whether you want to transfer cash and positions among your accounts at Schwab or move funds from external accounts, we've created a simple step-by-step process for transfers so you can do them yourself online.

How do you make an online transfer?

Log in to and select Accounts, then Transfers & Payments.1


How to make an online transfer

How to make an online transfer

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Looking to transfer cash or positions from one account to another? Our online transfer process was designed to be as intuitive and simple as possible.

You'll need to make a few decisions to set up your online transfer.

Are you transferring cash, positions, or both?

For cash-only transfers, is this a one-time or recurring transfer?

Which accounts do you want to transfer to and from?

If you're transferring cash from an external account, you'll first need to link it with your Schwab account, which you can set up by selecting "External Accounts", then follow the process outlined there.

Once your account is linked, you’ll be ready to start your transfer. Now let’s walk through the simple process of performing a positions and cash transfer.

To begin, roll over the Accounts tab and click "Online Transfer".

Now, you'll want to select what you'd like to transfer: Cash, Positions, or, as we’re doing for this example, Positions and Cash.

Next, select accounts for the "From" and "To" dropdown lists.

For cash, enter the amount you'd like to transfer in the box provided. For positions, check the box next to the positions you'd like to transfer.

Some transactions may be subject to tax withholding and you'll be required to edit the Federal and State tax rate or opt out of tax withholding.

Once completed, you can click to review your transfer summary.

If everything looks good, simply review and submit your transfer and you're done. That's it.

We hope you take advantage of this convenient and easy-to-use feature. As always, our goal is to make your Schwab experience as seamless as possible.


Watch our video to see how it works.

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