Terms and Conditions

It is agreed between CHARLES SCHWAB & CO., INC. ("Schwab U.S."), which is the clearing broker of all your transactions;
CHARLES SCHWAB, HONG KONG, LTD. ("Schwab Hong Kong"); and you:

(1) If you find any errors or omissions on this trade confirmation, please call Schwab Hong Kong. You must notify Schwab Hong Kong within 10 days of receiving this trade confirmation. This confirmation will be deemed conclusive after 10 days.

(2) All transactions cleared through Schwab U.S. are subject to the rules, regulations, requirements and customs of the Federal Reserve Board, the exchange or market (and its clearing agency, if any) where executed, of any association whose rules and regulations govern transactions in said market, and your account agreement(s) with Schwab Hong Kong. Schwab U.S. will furnish, upon written request you send to Schwab Hong Kong, the date and time when this transaction took place and the name of the other party to the transaction. U.S. federal regulations require that Schwab U.S. report sales transactions to the IRS unless the order was placed through a corporate or trustee account.

(3) Securities purchased by you or held by Schwab U.S. may be hypothecated in case a margin feature has been added to your account and/or commingled by Schwab U.S. with securities carried from other customers.

(4) Payment for all purchases or delivery of securities sold is due on the settlement date, and you agree to deposit sufficient funds or equivalent market value of securities before placing your order. If payment or delivery is not made by settlement date, Schwab U.S. or Schwab Hong Kong reserves the right to cover the existing position(s). You will be responsible for any resulting loss. Schwab U.S. or Schwab Hong Kong reserves the right to close transactions without notice when protection is impaired or when, in the judgment of either Schwab U.S. or Schwab Hong Kong, the account is in danger.

(5) Mutual Fund Transaction Fees shown on this confirmation, if applicable, are charged by Schwab U.S. and/or Schwab Hong Kong. You may be able to buy the shares directly from the fund itself or its principal underwriter or distributor without paying the transaction fee of Schwab U.S. and/or Schwab Hong Kong. Please consult the prospectus or other circular for information about any other fees that a fund might charge.

(6) If the symbol (*) appears in the item description on the face hereof, the offering of the described security has been made solely by means of the prospectus relating thereto, a copy of which has been or will be delivered to you.

(7) Call features may exist for certain common stocks, preferred stocks and bonds that could affect yield. For additional information or questions, contact Schwab Hong Kong. Securities held for you at Schwab U.S. or at a central clearing facility, but not registered in your name, are commingled with identical securities held for other customers. In the event securities so held are called by the issuer, the securities to be called will be determined by an impartial and random selection system. Should your security be so selected, it will be presented for redemption and your account credited with the proceeds. Clients have the right to withdraw uncalled fully paid securities at any time prior to a partial call, and also to withdraw excess margin securities not subject to restrictions.

(8) Any credit ratings shown on this confirmation are as of the time the confirmation was generated and may differ from any credit ratings provided at the time this transaction took place. The credit ratings for this security could have changed between the time of your transaction and the time this confirmation was generated. For additional information or questions contact Schwab Hong Kong.

(9) Schwab U.S. received remuneration from the broker-dealer or market center through which the transaction was executed. The nature and source of such remuneration may vary and will be disclosed to you upon written request sent to Schwab Hong Kong.

(10) Securities are subject to a special handling fee for registering and shipping certificates.

(11) Schwab U.S. and Schwab Hong Kong are both subsidiaries of The Charles Schwab Corporation.

(12) Additional Load Fund Breakpoint Information: You may be eligible for breakpoint discounts based on the size of your purchase, current holdings or future purchases. The sales charge you paid may differ slightly from the Prospectus disclosed rate due to rounding calculations. Please refer to the Prospectus or Statement of Additional Information. If you need additional assistance, please contact your Schwab representative or financial advisor.

(13) Transaction Fee—includes either fees charged for purchases and sales of certain mutual fund shares or fees charged for purchasing U.S. Treasury obligations via the auction process.

(14) To obtain electronic copies of notices, offering documents, and documents incorporated by reference pertaining to Government Sponsored Enterprises ("GSE") and Federal Agency securities, visit the following web sites: Federal Farm Credit Bank (FFCB): http://www.farmcredit-ffcb.com ; Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB): http://www.fhlb-of.com ; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC): for debt securities: http://www.freddiemac.com/debt , for mortgage securities: http://www.freddiemac.com/mbs ; Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA): http://www.fanniemae.com ; Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA): http://www.ginniemae.gov.

(15) If the security is a TBA (To Be Announced) status, further pool information is available by contacting the issuer as follows: 800-237-8627 for Fannie Mae and 800-336-3672 for Freddie Mac and 800-234-4662 for Ginnie Mae or by emailing Fannie Mae at bestmbs@fanniemae.com or Freddie Mac at Investor_Inquiry@FreddieMac.com.

(16) To request a paper copy of an offering document, official statement, or final prospectus, call 888-835-8846.

(17) For asset-backed securities, which represent an interest in or are secured by a pool of receivables or other financial assets subject continuously to prepayment, the actual yield may vary according to the rate at which the underlying receivables or other financial assets are prepaid. Information concerning the factors that affect yield (including at a minimum estimated yield, weighted average life and the prepayment assumptions underlying yield) will be furnished upon written request.

(18) If this transaction involves a zero-coupon security, no periodic interest payments will be made and, if the security is callable, it may be called below maturity value and if callable and available in bearer form it may be called without notice by mail to the holder, unless registered.

(19) In the case of a bond transaction that had a factor, the principal amount will reflect the modified amount resulting from the bond factor. Additional information will be furnished upon request.