Guide to Calling Schwab

Access your Schwab accounts with a simple call.

Automated Phone Services

Schwab lets you conveniently manage your investments with our automated phone services. Access your account through speech recognition (Schwab by Phone™) or touch-tone (TeleBroker®). Whichever method you choose, you can quickly get quotes, make trades, review account balances, and much more.

New clients could call Schwab to take advantage of these automated phone features.

Once you have a Schwab account, dial 800-435-4000 to access automated phone services. The same password works for Schwab by Phone and TeleBroker.1

For more details, read our phone services guide or read our tips below on using speech recognition and touch-tone access.

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Schwab by Phone™: Speech Recognition

When you call Schwab by Phone™, speech recognition is a snap to use! Call 800-435-4000 and just say what you want to do. The system will respond to your spoken requests.

Search Recognition Keywords

  • The system works best when you use a telephone handset rather than a speakerphone
  • Follow the prompts and use keywords
  • Once you are familiar with the system, you can interrupt the prompts by saying what you want to do
  • If you get lost, say "Main Menu"
  • To speak to a representative, say "Representative"
  • You can switch to our touch-tone system at any time by pressing *55
Search Recognition Keywords
Keywords  Results
"Quotes" Get quotes
"Portfolio Quotes" Get quotes on securities you hold
"Watch Lists" Get quotes on securities in your watch lists
"Market Updates" Get market news information
"Place a Trade" Place a trade order
"Review Order" Review all orders
"Change Order" Modify an open order
"Cancel Order" Cancel an open order
"Balances" Review account balances
"Positions" Review security positions
"Recent Activity" Review recent debits, credits, trades
"Check Request" Request a check to be sent to you from your account
"Cash Transfer" Transfer cash between Schwab accounts
"MoneyLink" Access MoneyLink®
"Main Menu" Return to Main Menu
"Next" Skip to the next item in a list
"Repeat" Hear the last prompt again
"Cancel" Cancel current request
"Help" Get additional instructions
"Representative" Talk to a Schwab representative
"Switch Accounts" Switch to another account
Press*11 Pause system for 30 seconds
Press*22 Resume system before the 30 seconds are up
Press*55 Transfer to touch-tone from speech

For more details, download or print our phone services guide.


Schwab offers you two easy ways to access our automated touch-tone services:

Call Schwab by Phone at 800-435-4000 and press *55 to continue your call using touch-tone.
Or, call TeleBroker, a direct line to our full suite of touch-tone services, at 800-272-4922 (800-2SCHWAB). Use these services to quickly get quotes, hear account information, transfer money, and place trade orders at reduced commissions.

How to Enter Option Symbols

  • Press 1 for trading and order confirmation.
  • Press 2 for account information.
  • Press 3 for real-time quotes.
  • Press 4 to transfer money or request a check.
  • Press 5 to switch accounts.
  • Press 6 to change your PIN or create watchlists.
  • Press 7 for market updates.
  • Press the phone key where the letter appears.
  • Press 1, 2 or 3 to identify the letter's position on the key.
  • After entering the full ticker symbol, press #.

Example: To enter IBM, press 43, 22, 61, #

  • Enter the underlying security symbol: press the phone key where the letter appears followed by 1, 2 or 3 to identify the letter's position on the key. Press # when finished entering the symbol letters. 
  • Enter the expiration date as MM/DD/YY. 
  • Enter 1 for call or 2 for put. 
  • Enter the strike price in dollars and press #. 
  • Enter the strike price in cents and press #.

Example: To enter a Microsoft option of January 18, 2014, call, $30 strike price, press:

How to Enter Option Symbols
 1. Underlying Security Symbol 2. Expiration Date 3. Option Type
(1=call, 2=put)
4. Strike Price Dollar Strike Price Cent
MSFT January 18th, 2014 Call  30 0.00
61 73 33 81 # 01 18 14 1 30# 0#

Please have the expiration date information ready before you call TeleBroker. An options expiration calendar is available at

Converting Ticker or Option Symbol Letters to Using Phone Keypad
A=21 F = 33 K = 52 P = 71 U = 82  Z = 12
B = 22 G = 41 L = 53  Q = 11 V = 83  $ = 17
C = 23 H = 42 M = 61 R = 72  W =91  / = 18
D = 31  I = 43 N = 62 S = 73 X = 92  . = 19
E = 32  J = 51 O = 63 T = 81 Y = 93

Note: Numbers for "Q" and "Z" are not in sequence as these letters are not displayed on all phones.

  • Press *4 to hear the last prompt again.
  • Press *5 to cancel the last entry and start over.
  • Press *6 to return to the main menu.
  • Press *8 to end the call or simply hang up.
  • Press *9 for automated help.
  • Press *0 to talk with a Schwab Representative.
TeleBroker Available in Three Languages
Language From Inside the U.S.  From Outside the U.S.2
Mandarin 800-600-7088 + 415-788-8857
Cantonese  800-872-4922 + 415-788-3883
English 800-272-4922 + 510-835-3257


For more details, download or print our phone services guide.

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