Schwab Intelligent Portfolios ETF Lineup

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are the basic building blocks of Schwab Intelligent Portfolios®, which includes 51 of the more than 3,000 ETFs in the marketplace. ETFs are selected based on a set of criteria that includes their ability to provide exposure to broad asset classes, low operating expense ratios, efficient trading characteristics, and close tracking to their targeted index. Most asset classes within Schwab Intelligent Portfolios include a primary ETF and a secondary ETF, which is used mainly for tax-loss harvesting purposes.

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios are designed to be low cost and range in weighted average annual ETF Operating Expense Ratios (OERs) at the portfolio level from 0.02% to 0.19%. Since Schwab Intelligent Portfolios charges no advisory fees, trading commissions or account service fees, considering OERs are an important part of keeping costs low for investors.

ETF Fund Selection

The ETF fund list shown below is representative of Schwab Intelligent Portfolios as of March 31, 2023. Your actual portfolio may differ.

Stocks Primary ETF Secondary ETF
U.S. Large Company  SCHX – Schwab U.S. Large-Cap  VOO–Vanguard S&P 500 
U.S. Large Company–Fundamental  FNDX–Schwab Fundamental U.S. Large Company  PRF–Invesco FTSE RAFI US 1000 
U.S. Small Company  SCHA–Schwab U.S. Small-Cap  VB–Vanguard Small-Cap 
U.S. Small Company–Fundamental  FNDA–Schwab Fundamental U.S. Small Company  PRFZ–Invesco FTSE RAFI U.S. 1500 Small-Mid 
International Developed Large Company SCHF–Schwab International Equity  VEA–Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets 
International Developed Large Company-Fundamental  FNDF–Schwab Fundamental International Large Company PXF–Invesco FTSE RAFI Developed Markets ex-U.S. 
International Developed–Small Company  SCHC–Schwab International Small-Cap Equity VSS–Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-U.S. Small Cap 
International Developed Small Company–Fundamental  FNDC–Schwab Fundamental International Small Company PDN–Invesco FTSE RAFI Developed Markets ex-U.S. Small-Mid 
International Emerging Markets  SCHE–Schwab Emerging Markets Equity IEMG–iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets 
International Emerging Markets–Fundamental  FNDE–Schwab Fundamental Emerging Markets Large Company PXH–Invesco FTSE RAFI Emerging Markets 
U.S. Exchange-Traded REITS  SCHH–Schwab U.S. REIT USRT- iShares Core U.S. REIT 
International Exchange-Traded REITS  HAUZ – Xtrackers International Real Estate  VNQI–Vanguard Global ex-U.S. Real Estate 
U.S. High Dividend  SCHD–Schwab U.S. Dividend Equity  VYM–Vanguard High Dividend Yield 
International High Dividend  HDEF—Xtrackers MSCI EAFE High Dividend Yield Equity ETF  VYMI—Vanguard International High Dividend Yield 
Category Primary ETF Secondary ETF
U.S. Treasuries SCHR–Schwab Intermediate-Term U.S. Treasury IEI—iShares 3-7 Year Treasury Bond
U.S. Investment Grade Corporate Bonds SCHI – Schwab 5-10 Year Corporate Bond SPIB–SPDR® Portfolio Intermediate Term Corporate Bond
U.S. Securitized Bonds VMBS–Vanguard Mortgage-Backed Securities MBB–iShares MBS
U.S. Inflation Protected Bonds SCHP–Schwab U.S. TIPS SPIP—SPDR Portfolio TIPS
U.S. Corporate High Yield Bonds HYLB–Xtrackers USD High Yield Corporate Bond USHY—iShares Broad USD High Yield Corp Bond
International Developed Country Bonds IAGG—iShares Core International Aggregate Bond BNDX–Vanguard Total International Bond
International Emerging Markets Bonds EBND–SPDR® Bloomberg Emerging Markets Local Bond EMLC– VanEck J.P. Morgan EM Local Currency Bond
Preferred Securities PFFD—Global X U.S. Preferred PSK–SPDR ICE Preferred Securities
Bank Loans BKLN–Invesco Senior Loan N/A
Investment Grade Municipal Bonds VTEB–Vanguard Tax-Exempt Bond MUB–iShares National Muni Bond ETF
Investment Grade California Municipal Bonds CMF–iShares California Muni Bond PWZ–Invesco California AMT-Free Muni Bond
Category Primary ETF Secondary ETF
Gold and Other Precious Metals IAU–iShares Gold Trust GLTR–abrdn Standard Physical Precious Metals Basket Shares

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