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Credit & Debt

Couples and Credit Scores: Is It a Match?
February 3, 2016

Keeping your credit score high is important for your financial life—and maybe also for your love life.

Need to Adjust Your Financial Attitude? Start Here—Now!
May 20, 2015

Getting a handle on spending and saving means changing your attitude as well as your behavior. Take these steps.

Apple Pay: Making It Work for YOU
May 13, 2015

Apple Pay may be exciting and new, but best to couple it with some old fashioned wisdom about spending.

How Many Credit Cards Do You Really Need?
December 10, 2014

Too many credit cards in your wallet? Be careful how you use them—and how you get rid of them.

A Short Course in Student Loan Management
February 23, 2011

Making a student loan last takes planning and discipline—just like studying and passing exams. Here's how to apply those skills to managing your money.

Boosting Your Credit Score: A Good Idea (But Not Always Priority No. 1)
December 29, 2010

Improving your credit score is a very worthy goal; building assets for your future is an even better one.

How to Build a Credit Rating—and Keep It High
July 29, 2009

Your credit rating plays a huge role in your ability to get credit—and the rate you’ll pay for credit—and that’s why it’s important to make your credit rating as high as possible.

Is It a Mistake to Cancel a Credit Card?
July 14, 2010

Switching credit cards doesn't necessarily affect your credit rating. It's not the card but how you use it that counts.

Credit Cards for People with Little or No Credit History
February 10, 2010

The 'good' credit cards—those with low rates—go to people with excellent credit history. But how do you build a credit history without a credit card?

Payday Loans Out of Control? Get Help Now.
November 11, 2009

If you're at the point of needing a payday loan, stop right thereand start getting real help right away.

Borrowing from Your 401(k): Is It Ever a Good Idea?
March 12, 2009

If you’re drowning in a sea of credit card debt, should you raid your 401(k) plan?